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Ara discovered his love of photography when he received his first camera at the age of eight. For him, capturing original and unique images has grown into an overwhelming appreciation of photography as an art. In an industry saturated with great photographers, Ara stands out amongst others with his endearing character and professionalism. His patience, temperament and understanding enable him to work constructively within any scenario while maintaining his extraordinarily high standards. Also, his experience and skill in preserving relations with his clients and their needs has established him as an exceptional entrepreneur and team player.

Ara personalizes everything he touches and tailors the end product to the wishes of each and every client. When booked, he personally attends and is the lead photographer for your event. For all of your photography needs allow Ara to provide the level of quality and service you deserve when capturing all of your priceless moments for a lifetime of treasured memories.


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# 1- I highly recommend Ara Images to anyone

He is the most talented photographer I've ever met in my life, someone that really loves what he's doing and very very professional. He did my pre-engagement, engagement, pre-wedding and wedding photos and all I could say when looking at the pictures was WWOOOWWW... He is simply the best and I'm very happy that we had the opportunity to work with him and I will love to book him for my upcoming events. Thank you Ara Images for all those amazing photos and your hard work.
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Simply the Best!

Ara is truly an amazing photographer that delivers and goes above and beyond what you expect from a professional. We couldn't be happier with his work and love our albums. If you are looking for a true professional that does amazing work and actually delivers what he promises, this is the person you want to hire for all your occasions. THANK YOU ARA!
Posted By: | Oct 2nd, 2015 | View all my reviews
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Wonderful photographer!

Photos are one of the most important parts of your big day and we are so glad we hired Ara and his team. He captured every moment of our wedding and took extra time to get to know us. He is beyond professional and really takes the time to listen to what you want. After the wedding he even called us on 3 separate occasions to make sure the photos were edited the way we wanted for our photobook. Ara goes above and beyond what you expect of him and on top of this, he is extremely talented! All our photos came out exceptionally beautiful. I would highly recommend hiring Ara for any event. Thank you for all your hard work, Ara!!
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Great Photographer

From the minute I spoke with Ara over the phone, I got a sense of who he is as a person and I was certain I was making the right decision with trusting him to be part of my graduation party and capturing the special moments. Ara's the best photographer we've ever worked with! Very professional yet so easy to talk to and feel comfortable with.. All our guests were satisfied with him as well and asked how I found him. He was very friendly, amicable and chit chatted with everyone and didn't fail to capture funny and memorable moments on each table. He surely delivered and came up with incredible pictures on a very timely manner as promised. I would recommend Ara for any event as his service is excellent and with reasonable prices! I would have the honor to have Ara reproduce tangible memories for us!
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Best Photographer!!!

If you're looking for an amazing photographer I promise you that you will not regret meeting with Ara. Too often we meet photographers who offer the world previous to getting the job, but are unable to deliver what was promised as soon as the big day roles around and they receive their full payment. Ara is not one of those photographers, he went above and beyond all expectations. Ara was there with us every step of the way... It blew our mind that he spent the entire day with us on our pre-wedding photo session. On the wedding day, Ara was not only our photographer, but my support and was there to keep me sane and calm my nerves. He is a nervous bride's dream come true. Ara has not only become our family photographer, but also a lifelong friend. He is an amazing talent and a true artist. Thank you Ara jan... We love you.
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Great Photographer

We were referred to Ara by my husbands cousin and I'm so glad that we took her advice and went with Ara for our daughters Christening. We highly recommend Ara Images to everyone. He is such a great individual with an amazing talent. He is extremely easy to work with and it made us feel so comfortable throughout our special day. My 2 year old is a very difficult child she is very attached to me and I was surprised to see her go by Ara and listen and do what he was telling her... My pictures came out fabulous and again I highly recommend Ara Images to everyone you won't be disappointed. Thank you Ara we are very grateful for all your hard work.
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Hire This Man!!!

First of all, forget the review. I want to thank Ara for being professional and MORE than bending over backwards to help us and take the best pictures I have ever seen. His engagement book was gorgeous and excellent quality, cant wait for the wedding book! His staff was the best and very caring as well. Ara is in a league of his own. He gave us recommendations when we asked him for them, and they turned out to be just as great as he is. Ara, we couldn't have pulled this off as wonderfully as it went without you. You MADE the wedding. Thank you Ara. Words cant express. You are the best and I am recommending you to everyone!!
Posted By: | May 30th, 2012 | View all my reviews
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