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Arka is a legendary photo studio that has been in the wedding industry for over 30 years. On most weekends, you can find Sahag and Shahe photographing weddings, engagements, christenings and many other events. They find that these occasions are more than just a series of actions, people, and images to be “captured,” but rather recognize them as experiences full of deep personal and cultural significance. As such, they assume the responsibility of documenting these moments with great respect and a very discreet presence, believing them to be deserving of a discerning eye and an artistic hand. Arka’s team consists of videographers, award winning album designers and expert editors.


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Professional and Easy to work with

My husband and I had a pre-baby photoshoot with Shahe from Arka photography and both he and Yeran were very easy to work with. We had so much fun doing the photo shoot and both of them knew exactly what we wanted and they were very creative in coming up with telling our story of our bundle of joy who will arrive in a just a few short weeks.

They are very easy to talk to and they work with what you want and are professional in coming up with ways to make your vision come true. We can't wait to see the photos. We would definitely use ARKA photography for our next event and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a photographer/videographer.
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Beyond Amazing, Super Fun, Extremely Professional

I recently did a boudoir photo shoot with Arka Photography and let me tell you... the experience was BEYOND amazing! I am extremely camera shy so I wasn't sure how things would turn out but was willing to give it a try... From the first second that I met Yeran and Shahe I felt super comfortable and was confident in my decision to go with them. There are so many photographers but only a few are truly able to catch "that moment". I was in awe when I first saw the photos and was seriously left speechless... they far exceeded my expectations and captured everything so beautifully! What I wanted was simple... natural, in the moment and tasteful... Arka photo did JUST THAT!! I 100% recommend them... I will definitely contact them in the future!
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Very Professional and Friendly!!!

My husband and I chose Arka Photography to handle the photography for our wedding day. We couldn't have been more pleased with not only the quality of photos, but with the level of professionalism that they displayed. My family is not the easiest to work with, especially because they were insistent upon specific family photos. Shahe treated my family so nicely in spite of all the demands. Additionally, he was extremely easy to reach and always got back to myself and my family right away--which is extremely important. On the day itself, Shahe worked his magic. We enjoyed the intimate photos that he took of me and my sister getting ready. He made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera (which is rare, seeing as I am someone who is extremely camera shy). He chatted up my friends and family and made them feel very relaxed in front of the camera as well, which was evidenced by all the very natural looking photographs.
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Best Photographers Ever!!!

I am SO happy that we chose Arka Photography for our wedding - working with Sahag was a pleasure from start to finish. We just got the first batch of photos today and I could not be more excited about them. He captured our day perfectly! What I love about Arka's photos is that they capture the fun and spontaneous moments throughout the day and they absolutely did so for us. Sahag was the first photographer we met with. We got along with him immediately and didn't need to meet with anyone else. We loved his photos and on top of all of it he was one of the more reasonably priced photographers we contacted. This was one of the easiest and best decisions we made for our wedding!
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Beautiful Photos & Video Captured on My Weddin

I had my wedding on September 9,2012. My wedding was very special thanks to Arka Photo & Video. My video was done so tasteful. They edited out all the crazy things that happen on weddings. The kids were all in bad moods and they were able to capture them in good moments and make them look like angels. All the songs in the background matched each photo. My album is soooo gorgeous. I knew my photos would come out great, but they were beyond my imagination. All the pictures were so creative. I will definitely contact them for future events and highly recommend them to all my family and friends.

If you want perfection, call Arka!
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Phenomenal Photographers!!!

My wedding was only Saturday, SATURDAY (10/6/12), but I already feel compelled to tell the world about these absolutely PHENOMENAL PHOTOGRAPHERS!

Where should I begin? Maybe I should start by telling you about how they made my entire bridal party and I laugh the entire wedding day? They not only kept my husband and I entertained and happy throughout the entire day, but all of my guests also gushed about how fun they were to be around. Yup, that's definitely their trademark -- fun, fun and more fun. And, they are ALL about QUALITY when it comes to your photos. They won't stop shooting until they have the perfect shot. And their vision? Very original and creative.. I even have people ALREADY asking me who my photographers were so that they can hire them for their next event.

There are too many G-R-E-A-T things to say about Arka Phogography, but I will leave it at this -- professional, fun, humble and sincere folks. If you choose Arka Photography, you choose the BEST!!!
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ARKA PHOTOGRAPHY is the creme de la creme

After a thorough search and countless appointments with several photographers my fiancé and I felt hopeless in a search of a photographer and a videographer for our wedding, then we found the crème de la crème of all photographers- Shahe and Sahag Melelian at ARKA PHOTOGRAPHY. Initially we met with Sahag Melelian-he was so personable and knowledgeable about his line of work, he willingly showed us all their work product and their portfolio was amazing, at this point we had met with several photographers and videographers so we had the industry standards to compare to. What they showed us and what their competitors were producing in the line of work is unparallel. Let me put it to you this way the experience was like this-going to the other photographers was like going to a poor restaurant and ordering the overpriced but "poorly" prepared steak but going to ARKA PHOTOGRAPHY with Shahe and Sahag there "steaks" were not only reasonably priced but they were able to serve kobe beef steak just the kind you order at Mastro's restaurant in Beverly Hills. In other words other photographers and videographers will capture and image but will completely over charge you but at ARKA PHOTOGRAPHY they genuinely captured our mood, they made us feel comfortable and no statuesque like poses Shahe really went out of his way to make our experience unforgettable at our pre-wedding photo shoot. OUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES CAME OUT PERFECT, he captured images that are captivating and sure to make the mom's cry (that is what happened in my case), my mom was balling her eyes out when she saw our engagement photos (and she is not one to easily cry), I can only imagine what she will do when she sees our wedding pictures. Thanks a lot -Shahe between now and the wedding I must invest in a box of Kleenex and be prepared when I show her the wedding photos. My fiancé and I left with such an amazing experience that when we went to dinner after our Engagement Shoot I looked at my fiancé and I told him I think we found our future family photographer, and mind you I had not seen any pictures at that point, that's how great the whole experience was I can only imagine what Shahe and Sahag (ARKA PHOTOGRAPHY) will produce for our wedding. Thank you so much you guys ARE THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY now I just need to find reasons to convince my soon to be husband to hire a photographer for holidays and family functions.Your will not think twice when selecting ARKA PHOTOGRAPHY for your engagement and wedding photos and video. Thanks Shahe and Sahag can't wait for the wedding....!!!!
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The best of the best of the best!

There is NO ONE who can compare! Professional, fun, quick, accurate, & overall perfect! No matter what the event is, they're the ones to go to.
Sahag made a joke saying, "We didn't do 251 events last year for no reason." And he's right!
Once again, the best. Reasonable prices, fast delivery... HIGHLY recommend them...
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We just had our engagement photos with Sahag and I am very impressed with his work...and trust me I'm not very photogenic! Sahag not only made it fun being silly at the beach but also had the images come out perfect...from the 300 pics he took, I probably don't like 2 of them :) I can't wait till he does our wedding!
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Can't ask for anything better!!!

Arka photography has been in business for MANY, MANY years. The two brothers, Sahag and Shahe are extremely knowledgeable and don't rely on flashy websites or blogs to get customers. Their work speaks for itself. And most importantly, they are true professionals!

ALL of my family events, from my baptism, to my sister's baptism to my sister's sweet sixteen, to my parent's 25th anniversary and most recently my engagement ceremony - were captured by Arka Photo. The numbers of years of experience in the industry between the two brothers is unmatched. I would highly recommend them for any of your events

Thank you for capturing the various portraits of my life, Arka!
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Simply the best!!!

Photo & video are such an important aspect for any wedding. They make up the memories, which you will look at fondly through out the years. I couldn't be happier that my big day will be captured by Arka photo. Sahag and Shahe are absolutely amazing!!!! Not only are they the best at what they do, they make the entire process entertaining for the bride and groom. My fiance has dreaded all wedding appointments until he met Sahag.

Arka is super professional. They use top of the line equipment. Know anything and everything that relates to wedding media. They make everything so easy and that's what you need come wedding day.

I would totally recommend them to anyone and everyone. You will not be disappointed. Just a quick tip to book early. Their calendar fills up fast.
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You can count on them!!!

Arka Photography is probably one of the oldest photography stores in the heart of HOLLYWOOD. With all the glamour and class, and needless to say all of the experience are what make them great. I have used them for all of my occasions, including my wedding, christening and birthdays. They are the kind of people you want to work with and you will never think twice to refer them to a friend. I just referred them to a friend, for her daughter's wedding next week! You can always count on them!!! THANKS guys...
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Exceptional Photographers With Wonderful Personali

Shahe and Sahag are, without a doubt, the best photographers in Los Angeles. They have been in the business all their lives. For that reason, they work well with their clients' needs, have very reasonable prices and, provide the most beautiful and amazing pictures/videos! Most photographers just work their event and forget their clients; but Shahe and Sahag ALWAYS remember the names and events of each client. It is exactly because of this family feel environment they provide, that I have hired Arka for many events and have recommended them to my family and friends! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BOOK EARLY!!!
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Wonderful Photos... Great to work with

Shahe and Sahag are absolutely wonderful. They made our wedding day so special with the wonderful photos, great slide show, and an awesome digital album. Before we came back from our honeymoon, the picture were already ready. Both brothers are so easy to work with and they do a fantastic job with pleasing their customers.
We would 100% recommend them!
Nazeli and Ron
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Consistently the best!

We have had both our engagement and wedding photos/videos done by Arka and could not be happier. The pictures look AMAZING and the videos are wonderful. The brothers are so easy to work with and the positive energy they bring makes all the difference. It has been a pleasure to work with Arka and I am certain we will work with them again in the future. They are honest, professional, and easy going! My husband and I recommend Arka highly for all occasions!!!!
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The Best Photographers With The Best Personalities

I recommend to everyone to get photo and video services with Arka Photography, because they do the job not just to get done with it, but to do the best. And their personalities are incomparable: they are friendly, honest, and very very respectful. In other words they are the best.
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The best photographers in Los Angeles!

Arka photography has the most unique and elegant style of photography. The attention to detail is incredible, there is no limitation to what they can do. My pictures and video are amazing, their work is remarkable. The prices are reasonable and they have a lot of integrity. I recommend everyone to them, if you can get them book them early.
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Now these are the guys you want to hire. They know their stuff, at least they are honest and reasonable, unlike others who just want your money and they do a horrible job on their videos and pictures. I recommend the 2 brothers anytime - Sahak and Shahe. JOB WELL DONE.
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