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Artak Ayvazyan is an award-winning California photographer and photojournalist specializing in wedding and portrait photography. Artak creates bodies of art which he displays at shows and art galleries. He has a vast understanding and skills set to create art pieces to last a lifetime. With over 20 years of experience in the field of art and photography, Artak creates high quality fashion style photography images for any event.


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The Best

If there was a 100+ on this rating tab, Artak would exceed it! He is phenomenal. My husband and I have been married for over a year and until now people come to our house and ask to see our album. We can't get enough of the breathtaking moments that this professional photographer has captured, and our many many thanks go out to him every time we open our wedding album.
Not only is Artak so professional, but he's also a perfectionist and a true artist. His understanding and excited approach fills your heart with warmness and comfort.
We're VERY pleased with Artak's work and wouldn't change anything for the world. He worked NON-STOP from 9am until 4am, just in time for the pamidorov dzevadzegh.
Artak jan, if you read this, Karen u yes kezanits shat shnorakalenk and we've referred you to as many people as we possibly could.
Save some time in the near future for a family picture with our baby girl. = )
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I would have rated 10

The most professional approach ever!!!
Artak has captured the most valuable and important moments along with the fun and unexpected moments of my wedding. And when I saw the whole set of wedding pictures I realized that so many fun things I just missed to see on the site, while I was too busy being the BRIDE:) But thanks to Artak's photos, I could have the whole image of my wedding, and I am so happy for that.
He instantly and exactly understands what you want and even when you are not sure about what you really want, he just guides you so professionally and smoothly that later you are the happiest client ever.
I absolutely trusted one of my the most important days to Artak's proficient camera and I am always happy to go back to my wedding album to feel over and over the warmest wave of feelings I have had during my wedding.
Thank you Artak so much.
Posted By: | Jan 26th, 2009 | View all my reviews
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