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Quality photos are the ones that are captured at the right moment.This ability comes with experience, which is our strength. Also, the uniqueness and high imagination level of our photos will make you cherish your happy moments for the rest of your life.


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Great quality and speedy delivery

Artush is overall a great photographer and very responsible. So far he has photographed my brother's wedding, my wedding, and my son's baptism. He always has the pictures done in a few weeks (if not sooner). He does an amazing job at selecting all the best pictures and editing the album. I have never had to make any changes to the albums. He also includes a CD and gives some extras which are really great. We will continue to use him for all of our special occasions and recommend that you do so as well.
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Best Service

Artush is one of the best photographers ever! He has a great eye for capturing precious moments. After seeing his work for my engagement, I knew I had to use him for my wedding. Within a week he presented me with my pictures which is unheard of (especially wedding pictures). I loved every single one of them. My wedding album was amazing and I did not have to change anything. He has the best judgment on choosing the perfect pictures for you to relive your special day! I recommend him to anyone who wants to get the best service!
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Kids Memories

Although I had not met Artush the year I got married, I still want to share my experience with his work. My son was just a few months old when a friend of mine shared these adorable pictures of a baby in a big pot with a chef's hat on. I just had to have a photo shoot just like it for my son. Through her referral I started working with Artush on a continual basis every few months. He has an eye for capturing those precious moments of your child's life. The experience is easy and convenient since he comes to your house and brings the background and props with him. We recently had a second child and the tradition continues... I recommended him to my friends and we all are pleased with his professionalism and especially the results. He has different packages and gives plenty of copies to share with extended family. He also does the family Christmas pictures and greeting cards. I will be using him for the kids baptism as well in the near future.
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2 Thumbs Up!

Artush has become my friends' and family's most favorite photographer over the last few years. We always turn to him for all of our events. What I love most about him is that he comes to our house, if needed, to take photos. I have 3 kids. As you can imagine, taking them to a photo studio is extremely hectic. Artush gladly makes house calls. He brings his lights, background, etc., and turns our house into a studio. He is always on time, very professional, creative, and friendly with kids. Our photos are usually ready in under 3 days! Who does that??? To top it off, he always includes something extra in the package. An extra blown-up picture, or an album, or a canvas, and he always gives you the picture CD. He truly is an amazing photographer. He recently photographed my nephew's Christening, and gave them the actual album in under 2 weeks! Other photographers take months. The album was absolutely gorgeous. I have proudly referred him to many others, and everyone has been very impressed with his services.
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Excelent PHotographer

Artush is one of the best photographer in LA. He provides the most beautiful, amazing, and unique photo styles. Artush made our wedding day so special with the wonderful photos, and an awesome photo album. He is so easy to work with, friendly, honest and very professional. He puts the extra time to complete his job, not to get the work done, but to do it with a great quality. Another words he is the best. We even had our baby shower photos done by Artush and could not be happier. It has been a pleasure to have Artush as our photographer in our special events. My husband and I recommend Artush to everyone for all occasions!!!
Artashes and Anna
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