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Vic Studios specializes in event photography and cinematography.  Vic Studios’ expertise is a result of formal education and training combined with years of practical experience documenting weddings and special events resulting in timeless imagery captured through fine art and photojournalism. 

Vic Studios is dedicated to photographs and films that document your individual and personal style on your wedding.  Vic Studios prides itself on capturing all of the wonderful moments of your event without being intrusive, approaching each assignment with a fresh perspective, and producing high quality images and films.

Vic Studios has a second office location in Glendale at the following address:
1930 W Glenoaks Blvd #6
Glendale, CA 91201


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Extremely professional

For my husband and I, wedding video and photography was the most important thing on our list. We wanted to make sure we booked with someone who could provide beautiful photos that were unique and would last a life time. We found EXACTLY what we were looking for in Vic Studios.
Vic at Vic Studios is hardworking, dedicated and extremely professional; his artistry is beyond compare. We enjoyed every photo session we had with Vic because he made every moment fun and magical! He helped us feel comfortable not only in the photo shoots, but throughout the entire process; we trusted him completely and for us, that was the most important thing. Vic's passion, artistic eye, excellent creative judgment and all around warm personality made him a complete joy to work with... We have had nothing but the highest compliments on our wedding video and photos, Vic Studio's Crew made us look like models! They are the most talented photographer we have yet encountered, and over the past year since our wedding, it seems he has only gotten better.
My husband and I GLADLY recommend Vic Studios to any future bride and groom, Vic's work is worth every penny!
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Wow.. and Wow..

Vic and his crew are amazing! To start off, they come on time and in full force. They were very organized and very friendly. They are accommodating, creative, and professional. Vic was in the mix, working hard the entire time. The photos are breath-taking. He went above and beyond all my expectations. I am so glad I trusted him with our wedding day. He is very enthusiastic and will capture moments that I could have never imagined. With comparable prices, I know he will be my first choice for all my future events! Even when you're tired and done, he will encourage and motivate you to take more. Absolutely totally completely satisfied.
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Amazing Photographer!

We had seen Vic's work before and I had to make sure he was our photographer for our engagement! He is honestly amazing! He makes sure you look great and gets some amazing photos. Vic has a wonderful talent and he captures moments that you only have in your memory. His team is very professional and fun to be around. They take off that stress you feel on any big day! We had a great experience with Vic and I love my engagement photos! Thank you Vic for capturing beautiful moments from our very special day!
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Great Photographer

After searching from numerous photographers for our wedding with no results, we decided to go on yelp and we found Vic Studios. We immediately knew we found our photographer when we stepped inside his office. Walking into Vic Studios felt more personal than a business. We drank wine, ate chocolates, and listened to wedding songs as we looked through wedding photo books he had created and talked about our vision for our wedding day. It was a relaxing experience and we knew that is exactly what we needed for our wedding. Someone professional, personable, and a keen eye for photography. We were very satisfied with the results. The wedding day photos looked amazing and he even came out to our picked location to shoot our pre wedding day photos. Vic is always in smiles b/c he loves his customers and most importantly loves what he does. We love our wedding photos. Thank you Vic Studios for being part of our very special day. :)
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Very Professional And Fun To Work With

We had an amazing experience with Vic and his team on our wedding day. Vic is a natural born talent. He knows exactly what he is doing, very professional and energetic. Vic also has a great sense of humor which makes your nervousness disappear. We received our photo and video very quickly which was very important to us. We couldn't be happier, we had a great experience and we are very happy to have chosen him and his team.
We already have recommended him to all our friends and family. Thank you for everything Vic :-)
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Highly Recommend!

Working with Vic Studios was a pleasure. I love their work, they really know how to capture the moments of your event. The staff is professional and energetic, they really know how to make your event hassle-free. They are easy to work with as well. They are reliable and prompt in getting back to you. I also received my photos and video in a timely matter, which is great. Overall, I highly recommend!
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Patient, creative, also incredibly easy to work wi

Picking a photographer that would give us photos that captured the day with great vision for candid shots in genuine moments was of huge importance to us, and was one of our biggest decisions during planning. Vic did a wonderful job capturing our engagement (which was no easy task!). Not only does he take wonderful, artistic photographs, he is also incredibly easy to work with! He was patient, creative, focused photographer with a keen eye for great photography. We were fabulously impressed with Vic's talent and creativity. About few days after of our engagement Vic put up a "sneak peak" on his website and we were thrilled with what we saw. We couldn't wait to see the rest! We had about 1,100 photographs and had an extremely difficult time choosing pictures for our album. We've been engaged for two years now, and every time we look back on the pictures he took we say, 'Wow!' Not only is he an amazing photographer, but has a very genuine and sincere character. Our pictures are absolutely beautiful, yet edgy and fun. He gave us the new creative look we were after and desired for our future keepsake photos that will last a lifetime. I would highly recommend Vic Studios to ensure the best photographs for any special occasion. We have received many compliments on our engagement pictures, even from other photographers.

Thank you Vic Studios for a job well done!
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The master of photography

Vic is such a dedicated photographer, he absolutely put in all his effort to produce the most mind blowing work. I know this because he is super experienced, and has great respect to his customers. I couldn't name a better photographer who is so dedicated and professional!
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Great work!

My fiance and I went to Vic for both our engagement and wedding because we had seen his amazing work and knew we couldn't go wrong. Moreover, we knew we could trust him with everything, from being on time to where to take pictures.
Simply you don't need to do anything after you sign the contract but to expect great photos and videos. We couldn't be happier, we had a great experience and we are glad we chose him. He is a great and honest person himself and works with great staff.
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Amazing, Talented, Friendly

My fiance and I booked Vic for our engagement and we could not be happier with the results. I'm a very picky person, but Vic is a perfectionist, and our pictures came out amazing. His attention to detail is out of this world. He stayed until 2am and made sure he captured all the details of our event. Thanks again Vic :)
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Great Experience, Fun and Easy to work with!

We decided to book Vic Studios for our pre-engagement and engagement photo shoot, by friends' referral we met with Vic and explained to him what theme we're going for and to discuss options.
Surprisingly he is very honest and very flexible, he would give us advise on based on what we were looking for and the budget what would be the best decision.
Our Engagement experience with video and the pictures were good, even though one of his photographers showed up.
Our pre-engagement pictures were truly unbelievable. Masterpieces, since we cleared up the theme and the levels of acting with him he made it very seem less and comfortable exactly spot on.
We selected a few pictures to make an album and we could not believe how those pictures turned out and exceeded our expectations once we saw the album.
We also decided to make 3 posters from our pictures and they\\'re stunning. From the album we selected 4 more pictures that we want to print. We haven\\'t got the video yet our reception was on June 1st.
Overall very happy with him. Would recommend him to everybody, just a personal preference, Vic himself is a great guy.
One piece of advise try to book Vic as your main photographer, our pre-engagement pictures compared to engagement pictures have way more character.
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Amazing Job

My fiance and I booked with Vic for our engagement photo and video and we are glad we did. We didn't even decide where we wanted to take our photos until last minute Vic came up with an amazing location. He did a great job with our photos and video. Vic we will be calling you very soon for our wedding. THANK YOU!
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Amazing!!! Professional yet friendly!

We are not writing comments so often either. But I cannot prevent sharing our remarkable experience we had with Vic Studios. We had our engagement party, pre wedding and wedding with them. To make this easier Vic is:
1.Professional 2.Friendly 3.Punctual 4.Man of his word 6.Passionate about his work 7.Hard working 8.Full of energy 9.Fun to work with 10.Awesome pictures! You will be amazed 11.He has Amazing and talented crew and he himself is "A great artist with great taste"

He even traveled with us to take our pre wedding photos! It was so fun to work with him! He has infinite energy! We were tired but not him... We were amazed with our photos. Thank you Vic!
He also has a great personality and he is the only one you will need to direct your big day in the best way! stress free and fun! Highly Recommended! Thank you Vic Studios!
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Truly amazing

I have never left a comment in my whole life, not even one. However, I would not leave this one behind because what Vic Studio did for my husband and I was truly amazing. I had my wedding and pre wedding shoots done by Vic. I also had my wedding video taken by them. Vic and his crew are the bestttt. They are very easy to work with. Vic is the most caring person I met. He really wants the best for his clients. If you meet Vic you will think that you know him for years. He is a great friend and amazing person to work with. He is definitely a talented person, who is very passionate about his job. Pictures which he takes are unique and natural. Words could never fully describe how appreciative and thrilled I was when I got my pictures. Thank you Vic Studio, you really made the most important day of our lives memorable by capturing all of our special moment. I highly recommend Vic Studios to those who really care about their wedding pictures and Video. Guarantee you will get the best result. Vic Studio YOU ARE THE BESTTT!!!
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Awesome Vic Studios!

VIC studios is great-- listened to us, no hassle, fun, and professional! During the wedding, The team was AWESOME - supportive and super fun and stress free! Our pictures were beautiful and the video was edited to perfection! :) And we got it really quickly! THANK YOU Vanik and team!
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Let us start with saying that honestly we are not one of those people who go online and write comments all the time, but we just want to help future couples to feel and experience the same happiness that we felt after working with Vic Studios.
We got married last year and for us the most important thing with our wedding was the pictures. We knew that pictures are what you take with you for the rest of your life. We started looking for the right photographer early, spending many months looking through different website, booking appointment and talking to large number of photographers. We wanted to find a photographer that did a great job but also could click with us and we could have a good chemistry!!!! (We had heard about nightmare photographers actually ruining people's weddings).
We heard about Vic from our DJ and decided to book an appointment and check him and his work out. We looked through his website and loved his work and when we met him for the first time we both felt that this was our photographer!!
Vic and his crew where very professional and punctual during the entire wedding day, we never felt like we had a stranger taking pictures of us, we felt that Vic was one of our wedding crew who happened to have a camera in his hand. Honestly, when we said goodbye to him at the end of the wedding and sat in our car, we both felt like we had just spent an evening with our brother and he took some pictures of us.
Vic continued being punctual after our wedding and always came through with everything he had promised us, always on time and listening to us and working with us to get the albums and the DVD prepared.
As we are writing this, the albums and DVDs are done and we have them and enjoy them with our friends and families.
We highly recommend Vic Studios and Vic himself; you'll love him and his work. Trust us! After the wedding you'll feel like you have found a great friend in your life that happens to be a great photographer as well ! =)
Arbi & Melina
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Vic Studios is considered one of the best! He is so professional; Provides the best services; Works very hard, and with passion. Basically, there are no enough words to describe his beautiful work that he has done for us. Also, he is so innovative about his portfolios, and picture galleries. By seeing each gallery, we were following a full story. That is why we chose him, and didn't regret our decision. Thank you so much Vic!!!!
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Simply the best!

Photographs last a lifetime, as such; one of the most important decisions we had to make for our wedding was choosing the perfect photographer to capture our special day. We were so fortunate to be referred to Vic Studios. Both my husband and I had an absolute pleasure working with Vic and the rest of the team. Vic’s passion, creativity and vision for photographs set him apart from other photographers in the industry. We were planning our wedding long distance, as such, it took more effort and coordination with Vic, but he was happy to help us in any way he could. As we were not as familiar with the area, he was so helpful to provide us with suggestions of locations where we could take our engagement and wedding photos. Vic was very professional and responsive, and it was an absolute pleasure working with him. Further, the end product of his work is impeccable. Both our engagement photos and wedding photos turned out fantastic and the wedding album totally blew us away! My mom was in tears when she saw our wedding album for the first time. It took us such a long time to select pictures for our wedding album, as we had so many beautiful pictures to choose from. We would highly recommend Vic Studios for anyone looking to make their special day unforgettable. Vic is simply the best!!
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Best Photographer!

Photographs last a lifetime, so selecting the right photographer to capture our special moments was crucial. I wanted well-timed un-posed and natural looking images - pictures that evoked feeling. After meeting Vic and seeing his portfolio - we knew, we wanted him to be our wedding photographer. He is very creative and talented! Our pictures are Amazing!!!! I have so many favorites. He provided quality photos that truly captured the essence of our day. He was consistently professional, reliable, and personable.
Thank you Vic!
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The best of the best!

I had gone to Vic Studios for my brothers and my Christening day looking for a photographer and video man. I knew that I wanted a photographer that would understand my needs and I would feel comfortable with. I have to say not only did I find an AMAZING photographer but a good friend! He honestly puts love into his work and I appreciate everything that he has done. His professionalism comes off in a loving way and I will definitely 120% go back to him for any occasion. HIS TALENT IS SOMETHING WORDS CAN'T DESCRIBE!!! I'm glad we waited until I reached the age where I can appreciate and remember my Christening as a teenager! I am thankful that we found him, can't wait until we get married he will definitely be the one we'll go to! LOVE YOU VIC THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!! Don't know what we would do without you!
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A True Gem!!!

Vic is such a genuinely nice guy, easy going and very professional. We were so fortunate and happy to have found him and worked with him. We used him for both photo and video for our wedding and I can\\'t imagine that there's somebody out there who could even come close to the AMAZING work he produced! Even his raw untouched photos are a MASTERPIECE! I'm not going to sit here and say he is the cheapest but just like the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for!" He makes every effort to work with your budget but the QUALITY of his work is never compromised and might I add REMARKABLE! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We cannot THANK YOU enough Vic jan! We look forward to sending business your way and working again with you in the future!
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The best in photo and video!

All I can say about Vic and his team is just how amazingly talented and professional they are! Our wedding pictures and video came out even better than expected thanks to Vic Studios. If you are planning an event don't even worry about shopping around, you just need to trust the experience that he has and you will be more than happy with the results. They are so many photographers out there that charge so much more than Vic but that does not mean they are more talented. With Vic Studios you will spend much less without compromising on quality or creativity. My husband and I worked with many vendors for our wedding but honestly none of them kept us as happy and satisfied as Vic did. I will recommend him for future brides and grooms and he will be my only choice for my future events. Thank you Vic Studios for making my wedding pictures and video nothing else than PERFECT!
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Had both my photo and video done by Vic Studios for wedding and pre wedding pictures, I can't describe it with words! Pictures came out AMAZING! He is so talented! I have no idea how took pictures that he did but I give you my word there is NO WAY you can find anyone better...his work is breath taking and his price is amazing. He over delivered...i want to have another wedding just so he could do my pictures again! Thank you VIC YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
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Amazing!!! Thank you sooo much!!!

Vic studios is absolutely the best!!!! It was truly a pleasure working with him. He was our photographer for our engagement party and this was our first time taking pictures. He made us feel comfortable and took amazing pictures of us. He captured the natural joy and happiness that we felt that day. In addition, the pictures and album came out amazing! There were so many gorgeous pictures to choose from that I was overwhelmed. Thank you Vic for making our special day unforgettable!!!!
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Best photographer

Vic is a very professional and talented photographer. He is one of the best photographers. His photography skills are amazing. He works really hard and puts lots of effort and time on the beautiful pictures, and he works with alot of passion. He takes wedding pictures, birthdays, engagements, and so many other pictures. For my sweet 16, I preferred to take a chance and ask him to be my photographer for my special day. He was just amazing and wonderful words cant explain how extraordinary he is. He is companionable and fun to work with, I enjoyed every second of my work with Vic. My sweet 16 pictures came out to be glamorous, I love my pictures and I'm so glad that i picked out one of the best professional photographers in LA. I would recommend others to take a chance and meet Vic, and look at his beautiful work.
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