Reviews written by MaralShant

DJ Sevag

Best DJ!

We hired DJ Sevag for our wedding in San Francisco and he was AMAZING! First, he is so organized. Second, he really caters to his clients. Third, he makes your wedding one to remember! He made sure he was pronouncing the names of the bridal party correctly, called us and went over specific details for the day, met with us before we entered the reception and played the best music! Our guests all keep telling us how amazing he was! We had a Dhol/Zurna band come as well and he worked so well with them and even put on an instrumental beat to go along with what they were playing. I don't think our wedding would have been as much fun if DJ Sevag wasn't our Dj. We are so happy with who we chose and we will definitely be recommending him to future brides & grooms!
Aug 26th, 2018