Reviews written by arigag7

Vic Studios

The most caring and professional photographer

Trust and Respect are the two things that remind me of Vic Studio. The Vic Studio crew has an amazing talent for capturing "moments" which is exactly what I wanted for my engagement party. They truly care about their work which is really valuable for me. I could not be more happier with them. Vic is an amazing person that takes time and explains all the packages and the things that you need to know. Their price is reasonable and compared to their work is really nothing. I cannot count how many people said they were impressed with their way of interacting with people, their skill and most of all their work. You would never regret choosing them
Sep 3rd, 2015

Alina Fiore

I won't recommend her even to my enemy

I had Alina do my engagement flower arrangement. I had to go to her on 4 different occasions and surprisingly every time we had to review everything from beginning she would not remember what was discussed previous time. My arrangement wasn't even complicated at all it was red roses mostly and with few orchid touches on certain arrangements I was very nervous during my last visit and I clearly asked her to make sure her notes are accurate and all she would do was nod her head saying it will look beautiful anyways I decided to trust her and God what a wrong decision first she promised my flowers will be delivered at 3:30 when my sister calls to follow up she is like why are you rushing your guests won't be there before 7 excuse me?? Don't remind me when my guests will arrive there is a reason I asked for early delivery ... We ended up getting the flowers at 6:10 so my photographer had to rush everything then we notice we discussed on having 12 center pieces while received only 11 worse than that she forgot to send me the arrangement for my jewelry if you are Armenian you know what I mean so after spending over a thousand dollars I had to have my fiancés family wait outside while I'm running around trying to figure out what to do when I call her to ask her what's going on with all her rudeness she says you never ordered one not a single apology after my engagement I went to return my centerpiece vases and asked her to see the note of what was discussed and of course she refused to show them what an unprofessional service would not recommend her at all she ruined my party with all this mess I felt so embarrassed in front of my fiancés family. She ruiend the best day of my life by overbooking and not taking responsibility for her mistakes.
Jul 29th, 2015