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Sassy Girl Weddings & Events is THE modern, fearless, and fabulous event planning and design firm in southern California. We specialize in producing stunning designs, cultural and fusion weddings, and most importantly, truly personal events. Let us create the event that will leave your guests begging for their next invitation.


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Very, very sweet person but if you're having a wedding that requires someone to ran the show on the day of the wedding, I wouldn't recommend Sassy Girl weddings. Again, she is very sweet, paper work was done correctly but the day of the wedding nothing went as planned. She showed up 40 minutes late, much unorganized, was never with the wedding party had to always send someone to look for her. Her tardiness made us start the ceremony an hour later & skip family pictures. Her assistance had no idea what they were doing. The details that were written down from flowers to escort cards to ceremony to reception were not followed. The worst investment we made at our wedding. I would like her as my friend but NOT as a wedding coordinator. CA
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