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Based out of Los Angeles California, the Hosharian Brothers Band offers music for all occasions in a multitude of genres for a truly unique experience: Traditional Armenian, Rock and Roll, Sinatra,  Top 40, Dance, Disco, Jazz, Pop, Latin, Funk, Swing and Standards.

The Hosharian Brothers Band was formed by Peter and Greg Hosharian upon the passing of their father and prominent musician/composer, Edward Hosharian, who founded the Ed Hosharian Band in the 1960's.  For over 20 years, the Hosharian Brothers' Band has continued the traditions inspired by their late father. 

The Hosharian Brothers Band also doubles as the American Band "Greatest Hits."  Included in the Greatest Hits playlist is Sinatra, Top 40, Rock and Roll, Dance, Disco, Jazz, Pop, Latin, Funk, Swing and Standards.  Whether you want Armenian, International, American or a combination of all three types of music, The Hosharian Brothers Band is the right band for you. 

Upon request, in the Armenian tradition, the Hosharian Brothers Band is also available to 'play the bride out of her house' before the wedding ceremony. 

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Love their style

Booked Hosharian Brothers Band for our baby shower at Eden Garden (patio area) Pasadena. I've heard them play at several different events and I knew they would be a great touch to our event and they were. Greg was extremely professional, responsive, and accommodating. He took my input of what I was looking for and met my expectations. Our guests enjoyed the music throughout the event. Due to space, we had only 3 players including the singer. Looking forward to our next event with a full on ensemble.
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Hosharian Brothers have it all!!!

I had the pleasure of working with Greg for my May 2014 wedding. I must mention that the only role I had in planning my wedding was choosing the band, so I had to do my research and make sure that I didn't disappoint!!

He took the time to not only meet with myself, but also with my mother (not an easy task). My mother had her reservation about the band because she said that they looked "too young and hip" to know what real Armenian music would sound like.

The guests at our wedding (both Armenian and American), my parents, and me were completely blown away by their talent, professionalism, and energy!! The band played at my mother's home to get the day started the right way! Followed by playing at our entrance and (of course) for the whole night! Greg covered everything from Armenian Classics to The Rat Pack to Lady Gaga!!!
Thank you Hosharian Brothers for unforgettable evening!
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Best Armenian Band

Where do I begin! When my parents got engaged in October of 1977 Eddie Hosharian played their Engagement Party. How special it was to me so many years later this amazing band played for our very special day. We have had the pleasure of hearing their Beautiful music at many Weddings and events throughout the years. When it was time for my husband and I to choose a band for our wedding this past November it was without a doubt we wanted the Hosharian Brothers Band. They truly set the tone for the entire day leading up to the Wedding. From playing beautiful traditional Armenian music at my home while getting ready to the fun upbeat music that had our guests on the dance floor all night! The guys are incredibly kind and such a joy to work with! The range of music they play is incredible!! As my husband isn't Armenian the guys played a mix of today's hits, Arabic, Classical, Latin and so much more! Our Wedding was the most incredible day of our lives and to top it all of our guests told us they had such an amazing time dancing the night away. Hearing that and knowing our guests had as much fun as we did just made it so much more special to us. Thank you Hosharian Brothers Band for making a night one we will never forget! You guys are truly the best!!! We cannot wait until the next event so we can hear your beautiful music again!
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The beautiful sounds of Armenian music!

It's no wonder the Hosharian Brothers Band is the best in the buisness, they learned from the best, their father, Armenian music composer Edward Hosharian. The bands expertise with instruments and their passion for the Armenian people are expressed beautifully through music. They are a true example of the Armenian tradition. I always knew on my wedding day that Peter & Greg would be there playing the beautiful sounds that I grew up loving. The Hosharian Brothers Band along with their DJ traveled to Las Vegas to make my wedding day extra special playing & singing great music from all genres but most importantly playing the Armenian music I love! I wouldn't have celebrated that memorable day without them!! Thanks guys for making it happen!
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Hosharian Brothers Band...one word, Amazing!!!!!

The Hosharian Brothers Band and my family go way back!!! Let me start of by saying that they took after their father, Ed Hosharian who was a famous composer and conductor. They have truly learned from the best! They have plaid at every Russa Hye wedding that I have gone to ever since I was little girl, all of our festivals, and every back yard party that I know and more. My Mamik (grandmother) would dance her solo Nazbar at all the Armenian weddings, and she would only request to have the Hosharian Brothers play. As time went on I took over her tradition, and feel the same way. There is no other band that can nail the song like they do. Their music is amazing, they are the only band that I would EVER have at any function that I will be having in the future. They made my husbands and my wedding a dream come true. There was not one person that was sitting down bored. Every single person was dancing and having a good time. The Hosharian brothers are known for getting a crowed started the second they start to play. There is NEVER a dull moment with them. They don't only play Armenian music, but they play a variety of music from Jazz, Classical, American, Russian, Arabic, Jewish and more. As an Armenian tradition they also came to my house and walked me out playing beautiful traditional Armenian songs, which was one of the most amazing and meaningful feelings. With their roots in Armenian music, they have been referred to as an Armenian phenomenon. They are very talented musicians who hit home and are the meaning of the Armenian musical tradition. There needs to be a higher rating scale because a 5 is nothing close to what they are! Thank you Hosharian Brothers for making our wedding dream come true! XOXO!!
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Best Armenian Band that plays everything!!!

My wife and I decided to have both a DJ and a live band at our wedding. After seeing the Hosharian Brothers play at Armenian Festivals it was a no brainer. We had to have them! They play everything from Armenian to Greek, Arab, even American classics like Sinatra, Elvis Presley and even Nat King Cole. They also walked my wife out of her house before the wedding. They are very talented, professional men who truly put the exclamation point on a fantastic evening! Thank you boys!!!
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Best Armenian Band!!!

I have been to a few weddings that had boring, terrible music and the wedding was over by 10pm. It was very important for my husband and me to make sure that this didn't happen to us. After all of our time and money spent, we wanted our wedding to last all night. All of the guys in the band are amazing musicians and they play all of the Armenian songs that everyone loves. The best part is that they also play all different genres of music and literally everyone was on the dance floor all night! I look back at our wedding with such fond memories and delight and I'll never forget the incredible night that it was. Thank you Hosharian Brothers Band for helping us make the night so special!!!
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The Hosharian Brothers Band is Awesome!

We are sooo happy we found the Hosharian Brothers Band! They played at our wedding in Northern California in May 2010. They created such a fun and vibrant atmosphere, our guests were dancing the whole time, and we couldn't get enough of the band. Also, the band members are all really nice, down to earth, and talented guys. They were very easy to work with and put us at ease. They never tried to take the attention away from us during the reception as some other Armenian bands can do sometimes. Their #1 priority was to please us. Also, not only do they play Armenian music, but they perform music in several other languages and a wide variety of genres. Actually, after our wedding, both our Armenian and non-Armenian guests asked for their information, a tribute to their talent and diversity. Everyone loved them! We highly recommend the Hosharian Brothers Band for a wedding or any other event! We're so glad we didn't choose anyone else, and we would go with them again in a heartbeat!
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