Van Bakery & Restaurant

1000 E Broadway
Glendale, CA 91205
(818) 548-1000//Map

Van Bakery offers a wide selection of pastries and baked goods and catering for all occasions.


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Good catering food

We catered from Van bakery about 9 large plates of appetizers and dessert for my cousins bridal house gathering. It tasted great and everyone loved the food! Their plates are white plastic plates which dosen't look bad but if you want to go all out be prepared to have your own fancy plates ready because they don't provide it. Also they don't really design the table as most people would expect so you kind of have to decorate the table yourself with candles and flowers and sparkly stuff. They were also 1 hour late in delivering the food.
Posted By: | Mar 11th, 2015 | View all my reviews
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My Wedding Cake

My fiance and I searched high and wide for our wedding cake. Some were too expensive and some were just plain horrible. Then we came across Van! Who knew right under our noses. Anyway, we sampled a few cakes only to fall in love with the hazelnut cream and coconut cake. We ordered a 3 tier cake a month and a half before the big day. On the big day the cake was gorgeous, but my florist told me that it came with three separate tiers which she fixed for me. Other than that, my cake was gorgeous and delish.
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Is this hospitality???

My now fiance and I saw this place and thought it very cute for a quaint engagement party. The woman who helped us was very nice and seemed to be very accommodating. She knew that we had just driven past the place and were not familiar with the food.
She insisted on having us try the food from the bakery next door so we would be confident that the food was fabulous and book the place. We thought it a very nice gesture and so very hospitable. Imagine our surprise when my fiance decided to sample a few things at her suggestion on a plate and then was given a total at the register. TACKY! We don't expect to get anything for free but to INSIST that we try the food and then charge us left a bad taste in our mouth (no pun intended).
Posted By: | Oct 4th, 2007 | View all my reviews
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