Guide to Maid of Honor Duties

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According to the Internet, a "maid of honour" in the UK historically meant that you were the attendant of a queen. Although monarchy may be limited in the political world, things haven't really changed for wedding days and ceremonies! If the title of "maid of honor" (MOH) is bestowed upon you, gear up to serve your queen (aka the bride!) in all the days leading up to, the day of, and even after the wedding.

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There is no history book or set-in-stone precedent that clearly states what a MOH's duties are. And although there's no definite answer, there are some things that should be on every MOH's checklist.

Be the bride-to-be's right hand... no matter what

This includes being there for her physically and emotionally. Make sure you are present and helpful at all pre-wedding events, and of course, on the wedding day. Keep the bride smiling and hydrated at all times, and don't forget to make sure she has enough to eat! If things get overwhelming or crazy, the best advice is to keep your emotions out and just stick to being a good listener and confidant. You are her rock and reminder of the beautiful event that lies ahead!

Maid of honor duties

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Plan the best bachelorette party ever

Lead the charge in the planning the getaway, but make sure to include the rest of the bridesmaids, because, well, you are human and you're going to need lots of help and ideas. Take a moment to make note of what the bride to be wants to experience as a single gal for the last time. You know her best, so it should be easy!

Maid of honor duties

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Be a problem solver

Get your thinking cap ready and be prepared to shield the bride from any issues, especially on the wedding day. Make sure all vendors know that you, MOH, are the first—and sometimes only—line of defense. Also, you may have to be the seamstress, nurse, or just about anything else on the Big Day, so brushing up on your sewing and first aid skills isn't such a terrible idea.

Maid of honor duties

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Be a master bustler, flower holder and gown fixer

Get to know the bride-to-be's dress inside and out, literally! Make sure you attend a fitting so you know the formula to bustle the gown, because that will happen at some point during the event. Also remember make sure the bride's gown looks absolutely perfect at all possible times, including the alter (don't forget the veil!) and to grab the bride's bouquet during the ceremony.

Maid of honor duties

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Remember cultural traditions

In the Armenian culture, MOHs have some additional roles, like bringing special gifts to the bride on her wedding day (items such as makeup, a purse, a nightgown, her wedding shoes, and some other essentials, on beautifully decorated plates/tray). MOH also places the veil atop the bride's head, circulating it three times before pinning it down. She also sprays the perfume she gifts the bride on the bridesmaids to spread the luck in finding true love.

maid of honor duties

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Give Speeches

You have the honor of speaking at multiple occasions—bachelorette, bridal shower, and wedding—so keep track of some of your favorite and most cherished memories with the bride as a running list to help you craft your remarks for each special event. You can also check out our outline for writing a stellar wedding speech to get started!

Maid of honor duties

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Do you know of any other Maid of Honor duties? Share in the comments section below. 

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