Platinum Sponsor: Vanna K Bridal & Fashion Jewelry

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We can't believe The Premier Bridal Event is this weekend! In preparation for the bridal show, this week we are going to be featuring each of our Platinum Sponsors in our blog.

Today we are featuring Vanna K Bridal & Fashion Jewelry.

Platinum Sponsor - Vanna K Bridal & Fashion Jewelry

We are honored to have Vanna K as a Platinum Sponsor for our bridal show for the 3rd year in a row! We have loved having Vanna K be a part of our bridal show as they have gorgeous engagement rings and diamond jewelry that grabs everyone's attention.

So make sure to stop by the Vanna K booth on Sunday to check out their amazing selection of bridal & fashion jewelry and try to pick out your favorite piece that you would like to add to your wish list! You will find their booth inside the Glendale Ballroom at the Hilton Hotel. Plus Vanna K will be featuring their jewelry as part of the fashion show, so make sure to observe not only the gorgeous gowns during the fashion show, but keep an eye out for the beautiful bling!

To get more info and purchase your tickets for Sunday's show, check out our bridal show website at

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