Rosebud Cakes

311 South Robertson Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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Rosebud Cakes specializes in spectacular cake decoration and offer many style options that range from Victorian to Art Deco, Classical to New Wave. Their cake artists will customize a creation just for your event that will invoke an indelible impression for years to come. Owner Elin Katz is a pioneer of contemporary cake decoration. With a strong background in art, she is inspired to go beyond traditional European style and into creative expression.


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Out of this world Delicious!!!

I've been on the hunt for a bakery for my bridal shower and upcoming wedding. I want something unique and beautiful but with the cost of today's cakes I also want it to taste good. Can't say how many weddings I've been to and the cake is just left on the plate from the lack of flavor, staleness, gross fillings, etc. I tried a couple of places prior to heading to Rosebud's. Some were ok tasting but the design was limited unless you want just a white cake with a couple of flowers (BORING!). Others fell apart because they were not the correct density whereas some were too thick and covered in disgusting whipped cream. I like cake. Rephrase that, I love cake and I want my wedding cake to taste good.
Anyway, my friend recommended Rosebud's after I vented to her about my cake challenges. So I went there with my mom to check it out before I drag the fiance since he is not the biggest fan of wedding planning as it is. Needless to say best decision EVER!!! I spoke with Alan, who was beyond helpful. Elin, the cake decorator was in view working on these astounding cakes, one more opulent than the other. The books of cake designs were endless and absolutely gorgeous. I had so many options to choose from and the cake, out of this world. I fell in love with the chocolate cake with chocolate Bavarian cream and chocolate chips. It was literally chocolate heaven. I loved every minute of the appointment. Within 30 minutes I made my decision and could not be happier about it. I can't wait to see the wonderful, intricate, and tasty cake they will make for me on my special days. I would recommend them to anyone looking for something unique and delicious.
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