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Martha & Co Martha specializes in flowers, event design and more. 


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Beware is right!

This woman acted so nice and made all sorts of promises to me regarding what she would do for my wedding flowers. The day of she is nowhere to be found and “forgot” the design we discussed for which I paid extra for... I was warned and didn’t listen - not cool! She blatantly lied and I was so upset on my special day. You have been warned!
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Beware of Martha & Co Martha!

BEWARE OF THIS VENDOR! She is the nightmare of all nightmares! She was supposed provide the floral centerpieces, cake stand, entryway florals, cake table florals and more for our event. She asked for 100% payment 3 weeks prior to the event, which we paid, as she stated that she needed all the money up front to buy the flowers. During the week of our event, she stopped responding to my calls and text messages. I still tried to be nice, as we had paid her in full and it was too late to go with anyone else. Thus, after calling and texting her multiple times a day, I barely got a hold of her 2 days prior to our event in order to finalize all the details. On the day of our event, SHE DID NOT SHOW UP! Never in a million years would I ever think that the florist I hired for my special event wouldn’t show up to my event that I had meticulously been planning for 5 months! I called her when I arrived to my venue at 12:20 PM to ask her where she was. She said that she had been planning to come set-up at 2 PM, when my event was actually 12-3:30 PM! I was absolutely hysterical and broke out crying in front of all my guests. She assured me she would be there in 30 minutes so we delayed our guests and made them wait and wait, which ended up adding an obscene amount of money to our alcohol bill and leaving our guests agitated. Finally, almost 1.5 hours later, after we called her multiple times and she lied multiple times about being “down the street”, she showed up. My guests had already sat down at the table and I proceeded to let her know how horrible of a vendor, business person, and florist she is. No one should have to deal with a vendor like this—especially on a day that is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion like a Christening, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, etc. If I can convince at least just 1 person to not use Martha, then I have done my duty. Now, it’s been almost 2 weeks since our event and she STILL has not even issued us our refund. She insists that it takes time to process (um…no Martha, it does not take 8 business days for the credit card company to issue a refund). Apparently, she thinks that we have “stupid” written on our foreheads, but the only stupidity I see is at Martha’s business. Stay away at all costs!
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