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When my husband and I first met with Hovik, it was 3 weeks before our wedding. We had met with a pervious photographer who was not accommodating to our time, nor knew what it meant to have customer service (after all this was the most important day of our lives) and we wanted to have someone who understood how we were feeling and what we were wanting. THAT WAS HOVIK! He was so nice and gracious and was willing to be so flexible with us in such a short amount of time. we knew we were making a great selection - his work couldn't look any better - but what we didn't expect was the experience that came with producing that work.

Our engagement "photo-shoot" took place in Downtown LA, and my husband and I can both agree that it was one of the greatest experiences we've ever had. Hovik made us feel so comfortable! His artistic eye directed us into poses we wouldn't normally of thought of, but knew that he had a vision. When we got our sign-in book with these pictures - we were totally blown away!

The wedding was exactly the same. The experience of working with Hovik and his photographers/videographers was so much fun! Even our guests were amazed by how entertaining and artistic the photographers were, and were amazed by their direction.

If you truly want someone who cares about you as a couple and wants to make you happy by doing everything to make your wishes come true, you need to go in and see Hovik, he is the best person to work with. Hovik and his team really set the stage for the greatest experience and pictures we could\\'ve dreamed of.

Thank you Hovik and IPV Studios for making the EXPERIENCE, along with the pictures, so Amazing, you truly made our dreams come to life!
Mar 17th, 2012