Reviews written by Taline Boyamian

Mher Vahakn Special Event Photography

Exceptional Photography and Client Service

Having worked with many photographers over the course of 10+ years of engagement, marriage, the birth of children, then various special events (weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, and such), we have a basis to compare photographers. There is no comparison to both the quality of photography by this duo as well as their level of service. They conform to your style and practice by getting to know you and your needs. They deliver a clean and finished product in a no-nonsense matter. This is not the duo that is going to promise you one thing, then take weeks and weeks to deliver like most vendors I've worked with! When they do deliver that finished product, there are no limitations on what you receive and they will work with you until your desired result is achieved. It's also a big bonus that they aren't high maintenance! They have become our go-to for every major and minor life event thanks to their talent and reliability.
Feb 7th, 2017