Reviews written by The Mama

Porto's Bakery (Glendale)

Beautiful and Delicious Cake

My daughter and her fiance just went for a tasting at Porto's after a bad experience at another bakery. The staff was very wonderful, explained all their options, and worked with them to make a wonderful cake! They had a two tier heart shaped cake and it was absolutely delicious. They really appreciated their professionalism and time they spent to create a cake exactly like they envisioned.
Aug 16th, 2010

Cakery Bakery

Terrible service for cake tasting

Boooo!!! My daughter and her fiance went to Cakery Bakery for cake tasting. There was absolutely no customer service skills on the part of the employee. Three pieces of cake were put in front of them and no explanation given. It might have been okay if the cake was exception, but it wasn't. So they went to Porto's, Glendale.
Aug 16th, 2010

Tujunga Flowers and Gifts

Great Customer Service

Christine did the flowers for my daughter's khoskgab. And they were absolutely beautiful. That was my first exposure to her eye for design. When it came time for my daughter's engagement party, we went to Christine. She worked with us 100%. If we asked her to change something one way or the other, she was very willing to do it and has great customer service skills. She not only made one sample centerpiece for us, but did a second one for us to make sure it was what we wanted. When she couldn't find the right color for the ribbon on the vase, she actually created the right color by painting the ribbon (which was a perfect match). Our flowers were AMAZING, and my guests kept complimenting how beautiful everything looked. I would highly recommend this florist.
We'll have to come back for the wedding!
Aug 16th, 2010