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Simply Glamorous Events

Made My Wedding Perfect!!!

I don’t usually leave reviews, but I decided I wanted to because of how awesome Sharon was. I lost my pictures from the Photo booth that she sent me several months ago and I email her to see if she can send them to me again. She emailed me the pictures within 15 minutes. I was amazed on how quick and prompt she was. My wife and I got married in April 2015. We started the wedding planning on June 2014 and it wasn’t that stressful. We didn’t think we needed a wedding coordinator because we wanted to save money and it seemed fine. However, December came around and we were so stressed out. We had so many things to do and we felt that we were so behind. We didn’t even have the invitations yet and the wedding was in 4 months. My wife and I decided that we needed some help. We looked around and we stumbled across Simply Glamorous Events. We decided to schedule a meeting with Sharon, so we could discuss the wedding with her and see what she could do for us. We met her in December and she was extremely organized and easy to talk to. We told her exactly what we wanted and she told us not to worry. We didn’t exactly have all the details, but Sharon reassured us that everything will be fine. We spent a couple of hours with her going over parts of the wedding. The venue, food, music, color schemes, lighting, draping, invitations, and the list goes on. She even broke down the wedding day with us by each hour. She told us exactly how much time we needed to give for each activity we wanted to do. She even gave us ideas if we didn’t have any. I loved how reassuring she was throughout the whole meeting. Sharon was literally a God send. My wife and I had 4 months left to send out the invitations and we didn’t have any idea on what to do. Sharon helped us customize our invitations! She would send us invitation drafts via email and we would let her know if there were any problems with them. It took probably 4 invitation drafts to get the look we wanted. The whole process took about 3 weeks and we were ready to send them off. Sharon was so patient throughout the whole invitation designing and printing as well. My wife was extremely critical with the look she wanted and Sharon helped us create the perfect invitations. Sharon was so quick with her responses via email or text. My wife and I both emailed her with any problems we both had and she would get back to us within the hour. We asked her for help with finding a limo service and photo booth company. She got back to us with quotes and several options that she was able to find for us. She would even price bargain for us if we asked. Sharon was there for whatever we needed and she was extremely prompt and organized. She even helped organize the wedding rehearsal and told everyone what to do. I heard from a lot of people that the wedding day never turns out the way you hope. My wedding day was perfect. I’m sure things didn’t go well, but I loved how Sharon took care of every single thing during the wedding day. She already helped a lot with the planning, but she made the wedding day a huge success. My wife and I were told from some of our wedding party that some things didn’t go as planned, but Sharon took care of it. She didn’t let my wife and I know about any problems that happened. She coordinated with all the vendors and there were a lot of them. We had about 8 different vendors and she spoke to every one of them. If you want to enjoy the wedding process and your wedding day, I would talk to Sharon right away. She will be there for you every step of the way. She absolutely loves what she does and it will show on your wedding day. I could literally go on for hours with how much Sharon has helped my wife and I with our wedding. Thank you so much Sharon!!!! We have nothing but wonderful memories from our wedding day. It was all because of you!
Oct 17th, 2015