Reviews written by ggharsanik

Cakery Bakery

Delicious Wedding Cake

We went to several bakeries for our wedding cake and finally decided on Cakery Bakery because 1) they know how to do a tasting, 2) they listen to details and instructions, and 3) they make delicious cakes. As a bonus, their prices are very reasonable for the quality you get.
Dec 4th, 2012

Ararat Home of Los Angeles

Nice hall but has some issues

This review is for Ararat Home's banquet hall which they rent out for events.

Having been here for other people's weddings, we decided to rent it for our wedding due to our large number of guests, plus the fact that we like its simple elegance (most Armenian halls suffer from gaudy decor).

Overall, we like the place, but here are our 3 top complaints:

1. The contract stated that all music had to stop at 1:00am, but when we inquired about it, their rep told us not to worry and that we could party until 1:30am and leave at 2:00am. On the night of the wedding, the nighttime manager, Stepan, was extremely rude and did not know the first thing about business etiquette and customer relations. At 1:00am he went up to the DJ and told him to immediately shut down the music or he'd call the police. If he had an inkling of business management, he should have told that to the DJ half an hour before so the DJ would have time to wind down the night. We didn't even get to do our last dance. When my wife told him that their rep said we could keep partying past 1am, he rudely started arguing... WITH THE BRIDE! He had absolutely NO tact or decency. It was a sour note to end an otherwise wonderful night. If you do reserve this banquet hall, make sure they DO NOT PUT STEPAN in charge. I hope they fired him for putting my wife through what he did.

2. When we first rented the place (15 months ahead of time because Saturday night reservations fill up quick), they failed to mention future construction plans. A few months before the wedding, we drove by the place and noticed the parking area was mostly fenced in and construction had started. Apparently, they were adding a new building and parking (which, pre-construction, was ample and one of the reasons we liked this place) was very limited with valet services being brought in. Their rep told us that they'd provide valet services on our wedding night for no extra charge. No extra charge? Really... how nice of them (insert sarcasm). On the night of the wedding, guests were late due to waiting in long lines for the valet to park their cars. Needless to say, people weren't happy.

3. They need to better maintain the hall. The carpets were dirty and the place needs an upgrade.

To their credit, my wife listed our complaints with the rep we had signed the contract with and he profusely apologized and promised to bring them up in their next meeting. I'm not hopeful they'll do anything at the meeting, but I hope these online reviews will help Armenian businesses to shape up or ship out.
Nov 22nd, 2012

All Star Enertainment

Most Talented DJ

DJ Greg, who owns AllStar Entertainment, did an amazing job at our wedding. He played great music and had the dance floor packed from beginning until the end of the night. Guests raved about him and we couldn't have been happier. Forget hiring live bands that sings off-key, with heavy accents, take long breaks and charge an arm & a leg... get DJ Greg for less and have a blast. The best DJ I've seen at any event.
Nov 22nd, 2012

Love Boat Limousine

Incredible Service!

We hired Love Boat Limousine for our wedding. Patrick gave us a great deal on 2 beautiful limos (one of them a Rolls Royce!). The drivers, Vazgen and Serj, were very friendly and professional. They arrived early, got us everywhere we needed to be on time and in great spirits! Serj even drove back to give one of our bridesmaids a phone charger she had left behind in the limo. Truly classy people.

Made our wedding day go without a hitch and we are extremely appreciative of that. Absolutely the best limo service!
Nov 22nd, 2012