Reviews written by talinbanian

Sylvart Floral Designs

Amazing, Amazing!

I can not praise Sylvia any more! She is one of a kind! She totally goes out of her way to make the details be the way you want them to be! I am not a picky girl, but any picky girl would love to have her! I couldnt stop looking around and was amazed at her style! Totally was worth it! She has an amazing giving heart!
Aug 24th, 2010

Tres Joli Favors

OMG!! Unique!

All I got was "Wow Talin your favors are one of a kind!", "Where did you get them from?" All night long I got compliments how fairy taly they looked!!! I loved them so darn much I kept a few for myself! If I were to choose or recommend I would recommend them!
Aug 24th, 2010