Reviews written by tatev1908

Ka'mera Productions

Amazing photographer!

We were very pleased with our wedding photos! Nareg did everything to make sure our expectations were met. I was glad that he actually looked at the photos I sent from Pinterest and we got the style and mood that I always wanted for my wedding. It was very easy to work with him, he met my husband only once before the event and most of communication was done through emails. He was very timely and responsive. I would highly recommend Kamera Productions for any future occasions.
Jan 26th, 2018

Little Bee Flowers


I didn't know many florists in the area so I asked one of my friends who had her wedding flowers done by Hilda, Unfortunately I didn't have a great experience with her. First time I met her she seemed very professional and I didn't expect things to go wrong, I informed her about some challenging aspects of my wedding (remote location) and she mentioned that she's familiar with the venue and it's not an issue. After a few weeks of going over our wedding theme/flower description and sending photos, I noticed that she was not very flexible with time and specific details I was asking and was not very transparent with the pricing, by just giving me a total and avoiding itemizing my order. I asked her and she was sorry and said that I shouldn't worry and everything will be perfect. To keep the story short, I was forced to make a few compromises one of which was having my maid of honor pick up some of the flowers because she couldn't guarantee being there on time. Most flowers looked ok on the day of the wedding, but I was displeased with my bouquet because she "forgot" or didn't pay enough attention to colors of flowers I requested, I had to go back after the wedding and ask for a new bouquet so I could take photos with the bouquet I requested originally. She agreed to make a second bouquet, but overall I had a really stressful experience, with her. You have to spend many hours to make sure your request was understood even if she says so during the meetings, overall she wasn't trying to please the customer but do just the minimum for the event.
Jan 26th, 2018

DJ Switch


Smbat and Manvel were amazing, they went beyond our expectations and were really good reading our guests, communicating with us during the wedding, making sure everything was great and it was just a great pleasure to work with knowledgable, professional and talented DJ. Our guests were really happy, I was planning the wedding remotely and Smbat was very flexible to find time to meet just a few days before the wedding and making the planning easy.
Jan 26th, 2018