8 Essential Tips For Wedding Dress Fitting

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Knowing what to do at your wedding dress fitting can be the difference between a fun experience and one that is totally stressful. For the whole process to be fun and exciting, there are a number of things you need to do. The following are essential tips for wedding dress fitting: 

Dress Fitting Tips

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1. Research

It is important to do research on your own to find out the best places you can go for wedding dress fitting. On top of that, research gives you a good idea of the stock available and the different prices offered. In other words, research gives your prior knowledge and what to expect.

2. Book in advance 

It is important to remember that most bridal boutiques are always busy. Therefore, in order to ensure that your project is given a priority or consideration, it is advisable to book in advance. Depending on the season, most designers require adequate time to prepare. This means that you will have to make your order and appointment as early as possible. 

3. Prepare

Prepare yourself both physically and mentally before trying the dress on. If you're a picky shopper, the process might be stressful. Mainly, wedding dress shopping can be emotional, reminding you of this new and special chapter of your life. Enjoy the experience. Ensure that you apply little or no tan as this can easily rub off on the dress and ruin it. Avoid applying anything that can ruin the dress. 

4. Bring extras 

Remember to wear or bring your wedding day lingerie with you. From panties to shape wear to crinolines, the right lingerie can actually enhance the look and feel of a wedding gown. A good bridal consultant will advice you about the right types of lingerie that best match with your gown. This will allow you to see how well the lingerie works with the wedding dress you have chosen. 

5. Shoes 

On your appointment day, remember to carry your wedding shoes. Today, more and more brides are going for flat shoes instead of the usual high heels. Carrying your wedding shoes is important because the wedding dress skirts’ measurements will be based on them. 

Dress Fitting Tips Shoes

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6. Clips and ties

As you fit your wedding dress, ensure that you pin up your hair and let your hair down from time to time to see the difference between each look. 

7. Carry a notebook

Remember to carry a notebook or a piece of paper where you will write a brief description of the dress, price and your opinion of the dress. This will give you a clear picture of what you want and help you with decision-making.

Dress Fitting Tips Notebook

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8. Know the price range

Ensure that you stay within your budget. Do not buy a dress that is beyond your budget. You can ask the sales representative to show you the dresses that are within your budget. Buying a dress that is beyond your budget will lead to financial issues during the wedding and cause extra stress. 

Follow these 8 essential tips to have a fun, exciting and easy wedding dress fitting experience. Then you can close your eyes and imagine yourself walking down the aisle and dancing the night away in your beautiful dress!

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