Talar's Story: Wedding Invitations

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I've always wanted my invitations to be unique and different. I used Harsanik.com's wedding directory and looked up a few vendors. After meeting with a couple, I was given a recommendation to contact Creative Works Designs. I e-mailed Sherry and immediately set an appointment. When I arrived to her adorable shop in Burbank, there were so many samples, and different options and every single one caught my attention.

Creative Works Designs Invitation

Photo Source Creative Works Designs

I had taken my mom with me for the meeting and right when we arrived we were given about 10 albums of samples to view. We took out the ones we liked, and Sherry then discussed each with us, telling us the pros and cons and the pricing of all of them.

Talar and Serj: Wedding Invitations

We then saw a design that I hadn't seen elsewhere, and I knew it was the one. It had exactly what I wanted, a ribbon, a separate reception card, and the reply card. The layout was just perfect. I told Sherry my color combination for the wedding and she was able to pull the most beautiful shades of blush and silver.

Talar and Serj: Wedding Invitations

Talar and Serj: Wedding Invitations

Talar and Serj: Wedding Invitations

Within just a few minutes, she gave me a quote and I was on my way. The invitations were something that Serj really wanted to be involved with, so I went home, showed him the colors, the design, and the quote. It was a quick yes on both of our parts. We can't wait to see how the invitations turn out, with our names on it. For me, this is making the wedding so much more of a reality. My wedding invitations are on their way!

When to order:

About 3-4 months prior to the wedding

When to send:

About 2 months prior to the wedding

When to expect RSVPs:

About 1 month prior to the wedding

Costs to Expect:

$1,000 - $1,500


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