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After our wedding, one of the reasons we kept bugging our photographer, Lark Wedding Photography, for our pictures was to be able to choose the right one in preparing our Thank You cards for our guests. But in reality, it's so much more than just choosing a picture. For us, there are three different kinds of Thank You cards we will be sending. The majority will be to the guests who came to the wedding, those who couldn't make it to the wedding but sent a gift, and lastly, some additional cards will be ordered to send to our vendors. 

Talar and Serj Thank you cards

To design the card, I used the help of one of my coworkers, who edited the picture to add the "Thank You" line and in doing so, I didn't have to choose a particular design, just a vendor from which to print the cards. I went with Wedding Paper Divas from Shutterfly since I had used them before, specifically for the save-the-date cards. From then, the decision making and order processing were very simple. I added the photo onto the document and sent for printing. Thankfully, the design and the layout are always checked by a designer before they are printed. That to me, puts my mind at ease. 

Serj and I have decided that we will be handwriting the thank you notes to each recipient. It is so important for us to let our guests, family and friends, and our vendors know how truly appreciative we are of their love, support, and involvement in making our wedding day happen. It's so hard to thank every person on the day of the wedding so we want to ensure that our thankfulness is properly communicated. 

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When to Order:

As soon as possible after the wedding 


$1.00 per card with envelope

How Many to Order:

About 20 more than the amount of invitations ordered


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