Reviews written by Dancer10

Royal Gor Photo & Video Studio

The only regret from our wedding...

So unfortunate that every time I look back at my wedding photos I’m left feeling upset and disappointed. Gor’s dad the main videographer was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we were happy with the results of our wedding video. Sadly, the quality of our photos and the service was so bad that it sunk this review to 1 star. Gor is a very rude and unprofessional person. On the day of the wedding, we had to constantly send someone to find him to remind him he has to come take pictures. My husband and I have 1 good photo of us together from our wedding day. We have zero usable photos with our parents. I wanted to print a canvas for my grandmother as a Christmas gift, and I just went in the files because I made the mistake of thinking that my husband and I have a photo together with my grandmother, whoops, we don’t have one! We felt as though the other photographers from their team were far more dedicated and did a much better job. A couple months after the wedding, after we played cat and mouse in actually retrieving our photos, and after the “edits” were done, Gor doesn’t even have the audacity to come out of his office to give us the product. He drops the USB of our photos in his mailbox, outside his door, and that’s where we have to pick it up from. Mind you, he’s sitting in his office just steps away I’m not even going to get into the rude text messages he sent my husband when we were trying to get proper edits done on the photos. This is just a tiny bit of the horror that was our wedding photos and what a mistake it was booking this guy... steer clear of the disappointment and the thousands you’ll drop and book someone else for your special occasion.
Dec 9th, 2018