Reviews written by edwinabnous

Hamlet Productions

The best choice

Hamlet is a photographer who knows his art.

He is professional, Artistic, accurate photographer. he doesn't waste time, he is extremely polite and easy to work with, He takes the photo in the first attempt, he has the best equipment, he has a great taste and will honor your style. affordable and honest. He didn't need to convince me, he is an honest photographer that cares more about his photos and artistic job than money.
He plans his shots, and takes it and that's it, he doesn't have to go back and re-do it.
if you are looking for a photographer for any of your events, just check him out, go to his office, check out his works and talk to him. I am sure you will pick him for your event.
For my wedding, i have talked to many photographers, they had to convince me, but with Hamlet, what you see is what you get.

Great job Hamlet
Sep 15th, 2013