Reviews written by haz308

I've waited close to 3.5 years to write this review. It's going to be a long one so stay with me.

My wife and I contracted this "studio" to be our wedding photographer in May of 2013 for our wedding in October 2014. We finally got our album in July of 2018. Here's the story:

After he took our money, he literally disappeared. Initially, he provided our pictures in a web format so we can pick our favorites and choose the album layout. Upon going through the pictures, we noticed about half of the pictures at the park and ALL of the pictures from the church ceremony were missing. His explanation was that his hard drive crashed. We waited a few weeks and he uploaded some of the pictures. We were satisfied with what was there so we decided to move forward. We submitted our album and it was time for revisions. This is where the s--- hit the fan. He and his "team" became wholly unresponsive. It took weeks to months to get a single text message from him. He continuously said that there was a family emergency, computer issues, or that he was out of town. My wife and I accepted that we may never see our album completed and our money was lost, along with the priceless memories.

We moved twice and bought a house eventually and we finally decided it was time to contact him again. I sent texts literally daily asking what was going on with my pictures to what seems like a dead number. Eventually, I got fed up. I'm a web designer, so I did what I knew how to do best. I put up a website in January of 2018 with a timer of how long it's been and a contact form and I started blasting his social media and leaving reviews on various sites. He responded within two hours threatening a lawsuit, and he said that if I dont take down the reviews, I'll never see my album, but still no word about when it would be finished. After a shouting match, I had enough and went to his studio in Burbank where he completely avoided me and my wife. We finally got his father's number and gave him a call, telling him the whole story.

He seemed sympathetic to our story initially, however, that went awry very quickly. When we spoke to him in February, he claimed that his son will no longer be helping us and that he would take care of the album and we would have it 15 days after we submit our final designs. We submitted our designs and approved the final version in March of this year. Once we did, he claimed that we would have our album in 15 days. When the 15 days passed, he said that he saw our contract and that we requested an Italian printed album and that it would take an additional month. We were patient and waited the month. Once the month was up, and still no album, we found out that their credit card was declined and the album was never submitted to be printed. We called and asked him to submit it again. When he said he did, my wife called him and asked for proof that the order went through. At this point, the father BLEW up and started yelling at my wife for calling him a liar and that he cant wait to prove that it was our fault for our album taking as long as it has. When time finally came to pick up the album, his son finally called me. He told me that we had a $500 balance (which we did) then he asked if I had the money. I told him I do, and he asked me to send him photo proof before I went over to pick up my property. Knowing if I blew up, we'd be in a shouting match and this would drag on further. Being so close to the finish line, I bit my tongue and I went to his fathers home. He provided me with the sub-par album and apologized.

If you're considering this studio for any photography, or ANY service they provide. STAY AWAY. They will take your money, they will do shoddy work, they will frustrate you, they will ruin your memories, they will cause fights between you and your partner.

I cannot wait for this business to go down and dissolve.

If there's any question about any of this story, I have every single text message and email sent and received saved.

Gor will inevitable write back and call me a liar (he's done so in the past to other reviewers) but don't take my word for it. Ask me and I'll provide you the texts/emails.

DO NOT HIRE THIS SHAM BUSINESS. Go to any other photo studio out there that will do better, timely work.

Mar 6th, 2018