Reviews written by maxdavid

DJ Jack K

Hands down, the BEST DJ I have booked.

In search of a DJ, some of the things you look for are someone who will: show up early enough to set up his equipment, do a final mic check without all the guests there, be presentably dressed for the occasion, well spoken on the mic, not to mention, who will answer his phone calls/txts/emails prior to the event.

Being a DJ that plays all the popular favorites off of a list isn't what makes a DJ good. It's knowing when to play those popular favorites, and to feel the crowd to see what music they don't really dance to, and avoid those songs. That's what's good with Jack.

I was introduced to Jack at my friends engagement. I booked him on the spot for my wedding, while he was the DJ at my friends wedding. He is one of the easiest DJs to work with. Not to mention, he literally had all of the wedding guests dancing. All of the typical post-wedding phone calls included compliments for the music.

He is definitely my one and only choice for entertainment for any other event. If there is one DJ I would refer to friends and family, Jack would be the one. Book him without any hesitation. Not only is he a "voski txa", his services are worth every dollar!
Jan 25th, 2013