Reviews written by TheDude

Heartbeat DJ

Very good and professional DJ

He DJed my buddy's wedding. I was a groomsman and was there the entire time. Heartbeat kept the wedding alive the whole night. Seamless mixes and perfect selection of music.
Jan 3rd, 2008

Robert's Catering Service

aka Rubina's Catering

Even though the business name is Robert's Catering, they are also affectionately known as Rubina's catering. Their food has always been amazing. They offer wide variety of cuisines and fresh food, unlike precooked and often stale appetizers offered by generic venues. Opt for the buffet style service.
Jan 3rd, 2008

Ararat Home of Los Angeles

One of the bigger ones

If your guest list is over 3 volumes long, then this banquet hall should be an option. Capacity is 500+ if I recall. I've been here for weddings as well as other organized events. Big dance floor, really high ceiling, as well as a huge self-park parking lot are the big pluses of this venue.
Jan 3rd, 2008

LA Banquets

Nice banquet hall

I don't think there's anyone in Glendale that hasn't attended at least one wedding at Anoush! It's in primo location for all Glendalians. Food and service is good. I've talked to the owner several times and he's a good guy too. Also, haven't yet heard of any horror stories (ie: run-ins with the owners over money, service, etc)
Jan 3rd, 2008

Rainbow 5

Good Band

I heard those guys a few years ago and I was impressed. They had a good variety of songs and kept the party going.
Jan 3rd, 2008