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Robert's Catering Service was founded by Roubina Begoumian. They offer not only a full-service catering service, but also an event planning, coordinating, design, and production for serve the greater Los Angeles County.

Robert's Catering Services has over forty years of experience in catering and specializes in Armenian, Middle Eastern and European cuisine.


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From the sales staff to the servers...5 Stars

What an amazing team! We have used Robert's Catering Service for the second time in the last couple of months and have been blown away by the quality and flavor of the food. The staff has always been polite, respectful of our home and extremely professional. Most recently I had them cater to my office Christmas party. The food was a hit! The server there was extremely helpful and attentive. She even took out the trash for us. They were on time as promised and even offered to help me set up with the decorations.

I highly recommend them for any type of event. Their diverse menu has allowed them to be a right fit for events such as our wedding and our office party.
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5+ rated Catering!

Even though we had heard nothing but great things about Robert's Catering, they still managed to exceed our expectations. There's no question about their food and catering service. In addition, their customer service was excellent! My husband and I work full-time and they went out of their way to work around our schedule . . . meeting with us on Saturdays and via email/phone through out the week. On our wedding day, all of our guests were impressed and we received several compliments regarding our pre-wedding catering, cocktail hour, appetizers, as well as our buffet style dinner and dessert tables. We couldn't have asked for a better caterer. Thank you Rubina and Jeannette!
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Good Food Horrible Customer Service!!!

One of the reasons we chose Roobina's Catering for our wedding is because of the good reputation she has had over the years. Catering was the only vendor we were not worried about and it turned out to be the only one who totally messed up on our big day. When we met Roobina for the first time we specifically told her that we wanted a sit-down family style dinner. She said that she would bring 2 waiters for each table and we were happy with that. We wanted to make sure that the food was served hot in time. She wanted us to pay her before the wedding and we paid her all in cash before the wedding not to mention that she did not have a receipt to give us so she just ripped out a piece of paper out of a notebook and wrote the amount and signed her name and gave that to us. We walked out thinking how unprofessional but were too excited for Saturday to second guess the promises she had made. We sat down after our first dance and really liked the appetizers. Everything tasted really good. Then came dinner time. Our table was served so we started eating. 40 and yes 40 minutes passed by and that's when we started noticing that the waiters looking so stressed out and 3 tables were STILL waiting for food. My husband approached one of the waiters and asked how many tables he was in charge of and he said 3. We were so upset. When we talked to Roobina about it she said "Well I am serving tadik (dried rice)" basically she knew she had messed up and had nothing to say. WE WERE SO DISAPPOINTED!!! Our guests were still waiting for food and there was nothing we could do. Roobina knows she has messed up big time.. she has not dared to call us to ask for a small balance we still owe her. We made sure to tip the poor waiters because Roobina used them well but we did not give a penny to Roobina. Yes her food tastes good but no bride and groom should go through what we went through specially when you pay someone sooo much for food. I don't know what has changed but we do not recommend her. Do not spend your money on her you will regret.
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Need to control their employees

This is the third time we used their catering service. As always, the food was great and plentiful. However, this time, about three cases of hard liquor went missing (valued at over $600.00). I regret that I have to give them this review for something that could have easily been avoided. However, you (the public) need to be aware of what happened to us. I know this could be the work of only a couple of dishonest employees; however, the business is responsible for everything that happens during the event. They should have accepted the loss and reimbursed us or at very least apologized instead of blaming the guests....
It makes me even madder that I gave the staff a $1,000.00 tip at the end of our event.
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Always a gem

We used Robert's catering for a backyard engagement reception. As always, the food was delicious, and elegant. The servants/staff were remarkable. They took care of every detail and all our guests were very pleased with every aspect from decor, to taste, and service. Mimi was a big help in planning and the establishment definitely has the expertise that others lack...who else has catered for the Pope? :)
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Although Rubina's food is always great, they are a nightmare to work with. They are yet again another Armenian vendor who doesn't want to stick to what they specialize in and instead think they are wedding planners. Mimi was very pushy and I didn't like it...
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aka Rubina's Catering

Even though the business name is Robert's Catering, they are also affectionately known as Rubina's catering. Their food has always been amazing. They offer wide variety of cuisines and fresh food, unlike precooked and often stale appetizers offered by generic venues. Opt for the buffet style service.
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