5 Highlights from Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan's Wedding

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This past weekend's backyard wedding by founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and medical school graduate, Priscilla Chan, definitely got a lot of media attention! Here are Harsanik.com we wanted to highlight 5 things that we found interesting about Mark & Priscilla's wedding.

5 Highlights from Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan's Wedding
source: Facebook

#1: Party

The wedding took place in Zuckerberg's backyard in Palo Alto in front of fewer than 100 guests. Guests weren't told about the wedding, and instead they thought they were coming to a graduation party for Chan. Chan just graduated from UCSF Med School where she studied pediatrics. (source: various)

#2: Dress

Chan wore designer Claire Pettibone’s “Sky Between the Branches” gown. The dress costs $4,700 and is available on Pettibone’s website. Click here to see the dress on Pettibone's website. Also worth noting that in a rare move for Zuckerberg, he ditched his hoodie for a dark blue suit and tie! (source: PEOPLE Magazine)

#3: Ring

Zuckerberg had designed the ring with a "very simple ruby".  (source: AP)
UPDATE: Thanks to TMZ, we now have some photos of the very simple ring. Did we say it was simple??? It's pretty shocking to see that the newest American billionaire, who's worth about $20 billion thanks to his company, Facebook, going public, went with such a simple ring. Click here to see the photos on TMZ. 

#4: Food

They served sushi from their favorite local restaurant in Palo Alto. (source: various)

#5: Music

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong not only attended the wedding, but he also performed! Apparently Billie Joe and Zuckerberg are good friends, and Billie Joe sang at the wedding as a nice gesture and wasn't paid for the performance. It was also reported that they played a lot of Michael Jackson tunes at the wedding! (source: PEOPLE Magazine)

If anyone is curious to learn more about Priscilla Chan, PEOPLE Magazine just did an article covering 5 interesting facts about her so click here to learn more about "Mrs Zuckerberg"! (Well we don't know yet if she is changing her last name but we thought it would be fun to call her Mrs!)

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