An Engagement Story: Harut and Mary

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It's one of those right place right time things! On October 28, 2016, Mary and Harut got engaged with a romantic, surprise proposal. Their love is apparent in every aspect of their story and when we watched their proposal video, we couldn't help but shed a few happy tears! We spoke with Mary and Harut and they shared all the details of their engagement from both perspectives.

Mary and Harut Proposal

How They Met: 

Harut and Mary had their first interaction about 5 years ago through mutual friends. After initially meeting each other, they became good friends, but not much more. Eventually, after only having social media contact and a few text messages here and there, they drifted apart. He continued schooling at CSUN, & she started Nursing School and that was the end of that for about 2 years. Then, Mary started her Public Health rotation at Glendale Adventist Medical Center for Nursing School, and at the time, Harut worked in the Emergency Department at the hospital. One day while Mary was buying a cup of coffee in the east tower café, her eyes were suddenly covered and a familiar voice said "I really hope this is the right person, I'm going off of the hair..." and that was the beginning of something they couldn't even imagine.

Mary and Harut

Mary and Harut

Mary and Harut

Planning the Proposal:

Harut's Perspective

The saying "I Love You" is said by many, but how many of them can explain the feeling; truly explain what they feel inside. Love for me is beyond words, rather explained by actions, feelings, and emotions. Being with her, has always felt like we are one organism, meant to be together. I love everything about this girl; the way she smiles, how she thinks, the way she laughs, her curly red hair, adorable fingers, beautiful round eyes, and most of all her pure heart. Thinking back to the million and one ways that I had in mind to propose to her, its funny now, looking back, at how stressed I was. All I wanted to do was have the most perfect day planned, for this amazing human being, and after idea after idea, and of course with the help of her sisters and my family/friends, I had this idea that I'd do a surprise proposal/engagement party. Let me say, it was the most stressful three months of planning, and secrecy that I had to do, but definitely worth every minute of it. I had told her that we are invited to my Aunt's 35th Anniversary party. We sold that idea to her on a daily basis, and we even made fake invitations. No joke, this girl was crazy, on my case, asking a whole bunch of details, questioning everything that I would do (she kind of knew that I was planning to propose to her by the end of the year). Of course it didn't help having to be secretive with my phone; with non-stop conversations and phone calls with vendors, the DJ, the flower shop, and the jeweler. Day after day, anxious on how all of this would play out, both her and my family waited patiently for the special day. October 28th, 2016 was one of the happiest days of our lives.

Mary's Perspective

The last few months prior to my proposal seemed completely normal. The group including my sisters, our moms, and my fiancé are quite the surprise planners! I had no idea, no hunch, no hint, nothing. The only thing out of the ordinary was that Harut became suddenly extremely protective over his phone. I must say, him and I have never had anything like that before. We are one of those cheesy couples who have each other's finger prints set up so we can unlock each other's phones. So when he became obsessive about me not touching his phone, I became a little concerned. When I confronted him, he told me he was going to propose some time towards the very end of the year 2016 or the beginning of 2017, and that I needed to give him space to plan the ultimate surprise, boy – he wasn't kidding. After that conversation, I just left it alone. Then again everything seemed as usual in my perspective until the last few days upcoming my proposal. I had gotten extremely sick that week, coughing, flu, congested, and the whole nine yards and he was so attentive, as usual, but this time he was extremely attentive. The most adorable thing was that the last two days before the proposal he was acting so funny, he was just overly energetic, happy on a different level and just so smiley. And again when I asked him about it he just brushed it off and told me that he "just loves me so much" (again- he wasn't kidding).

The day of my proposal, his "Aunt and Uncle's anniversary party", my mom asked me if I would mind going to the hall with my parents instead of with Harut since they were feeling a bit shy being that all of the in-laws were going to be there. Of course, I agreed and told Harut and he was fine with the idea and just asked for me to call him when we arrived so he would come out and greet my parents and I. So, around 8 pm we arrived at the hall. I called Harut and no answer, I texted him and no answer and my dad (playing his role in this oh so well) started making comments like, "how embarrassing he didn't even come out to greet us." So I was livid. His Mom, Aunt and Uncle and his cousin Gor greeted us, and they escorted us inside. Then the doors opened to something I couldn't even dream of... the love of my life, my handsome, boyfriend (at the time) standing with a suit and bow tie in a heart made of rose petals. I froze, and my legs went can see in the video instead of me walking towards him I slowly lean against the door to hold my balance and needed a little push to remind me that I needed to walk forward. As I walked towards him, I heard his voice speaking the most adorable, the most meaningful words of him expressing how much and why he loves me. Then, a question, with four simple words and the most amazing man on one knee... the world was mine.

Mary and Harut Proposal

MARY and Harut Proposal

Mary and Harut Proposal

Mary and Harut Proposal

Mary and Harut Proposal

Mary and Harut Proposal

Vendors & Details

Venue: Renaissance Banquet (Crystal Ballroom)

DJ: Super Star DJ Gary Brutyan

Photography and Videography: Nikolay Photography

Flowers: Mosaic Floral Event Design

Cake: Belladonna Sweets

Immediately after the engagement, Mary and Harut started planning their wedding which will take place on October 20, 2017 at the Metropol Banquet Hall. Congratulations Mary and Harut on your engagement and we can't wait to hear all about your big day!

UPDATE: We're thrilled to feature Mary's Traditional Jan Gyulum on our blog! Instead of a bridal shower, Mary's family organized a Jan Gyulum to celebrate the bride-to-be. Learn about this Armenian tradition and hear Mary's story about how she planned the event on our blog. And we'll be featuring Mary & Harut's wedding soon on Harsanik!

Mary's Traditional Armenian Jan Gyulum

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