What to Consider When Searching For Wedding Invitations

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Wedding Invitations are more than names, dates, and times – it is the first impression your family and friends see of your wedding and it is a way to present your unique love story! We talked to Arsine from Axiom Designs and Printing, a featured vendor showcasing at the Harsanik Bridal Show, and she had a few tips to share with us! 

Axiom Designs

When shopping for your invitation cards...

Browse the Web

Begin by browsing the web for inspiration and ideas to incorporate into your invites. Look for trending designs and materials or entirely design your very own creation to tell your love story.


Explore paper options and printing options such as letterpress, embossed, and laser cut.

Time is of Value

If you are printing invites, RSVP, thank you card and other stationeries start your order at least 4-5 months prior to your event.  If you also want to order save the dates make sure to begin this process 8-10 months in advance.  To save TIME and MONEY work with one designer / printer for all your printing services.

Consider Quantity

I am sure you have heard of this statement, “rather have more than less".  This is true for invitation cards.  Be sure to order more than you originally intended.  You will be surprised how many more guests you will add to your list when you begin distributing your invitations.  For example if you decide on 150 invites and later require 10 or more extra it will cost you more than if you ordered 160 in advance.

Add a Touch of Culture

Weddings celebrate the bride and groom and often reflect their vision and taste. However; it is also a day where traditions are integrated into the event. Through invitations you have the choice to include an insert in Armenian, Russian, Farsi, or other languages that are native to you and your family. If you decide to include inserts in a different language be sure to provide your designer with the correct spelling of names and information.  Your guests will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Set a Budget

Have a budget in mind before you begin exploring invitations.  Some accessories that will mark up prices for invitation cards are as follows: ribbons, rhinestones, lined envelopes, glitter, paper stock, color, and printing type.  Select embellishments that are a must and avoid those that you do not want.  Work with your designer to select accessories that will fit in your budget. 

One Stop Shop

Search for a designer / printer that will give you a complete one stop shop experience.

You can find some amazing invitations by Axiom Designs below. Check them out for some inspiration!

Axiom Designs

Axiom Designs

Axiom Designs

Axiom Designs

Axiom Designs

Axiom Designs

Axiom Designs

We are so excited to have Axiom Designs be one of the showcasing vendors at the Harsanik Bridal Show on Sunday, March 22! Stop by to begin your planning!

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