Favors or No Favors?

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As the old saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." The same could be said about wedding favors.

On one hand, your guests have dedicated their time and money to come celebrate you, and something that says "thank you" should be in order. But finding a creative way to do so is a challenge many couples find themselves facing during the wedding planning process.

Some of today's weddings are going beyond the traditional box of candy or chocolate in each place setting, leaving guests with a more fun, yummy or feel-good kiss goodnight. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Photo or GIF Booth

Give your guests a tangible and photographic reminder of the fun they had on your Big Day by providing a photo or GIF booth. It's a compact, easy gift (and an often wallet-friendly option for you) to leave your guests with. Bonus points: You can leave cutouts of your faces as props to add a more personal touch.

Treasured Photo & Video booth

Photo Source Treasured Photo and Video Booths

Midnight Snack

After the endless dancing and celebration, what's better than a delicious, sweet/savory snack to top off the best night ever? You can think small like Krispy Kreme donuts, or something a little heartier like an In-N-Out burger. As we all know, a way to a wedding guest's heart is through his or her stomach.

Krispy Kreme Favors

Photo Source Southern Weddings


Giving back is an important thing for many of today's couples, and rather than spending money on providing physical wedding favors, you can take that investment to a non-profit or charity. That way, you can share the happiness and joy of your wedding day with people and organizations that need it most.

Donation Favor

Photo Source Collin Cowie Weddings

Candy/Dessert Table

Make your wedding more interactive for your guests by setting up a table with an array of to-go desserts. You can even share a symbolic treat on the menu. For example, if you and the groom-to-be went to a movie for your first date, include a snack that you enjoyed together and immerse your guests in a special moment from your love story.

Dessert Table

Photo Source Inside Weddings

How will you say thank you to your guests? Share your favorite favors in the comments section below! 

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