Jaq Hagopian

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Jaq Hagopian is a very well known singer in the Armenian, Arabic, and Assyrian communities who has always been known for his strong feelings and passion for music. He performs at several different events, year-round, such as barhantes’s (all over the USA), weddings, engagement parties, christenings, birthdays, and works in clubs in the New York area every Friday and Saturday night


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The life of the party

Jaq Hagopian is the perfect singer for every type of event. He has performed at my charity birthday celebration, at my parents anniversary celebration, local barahantes's I've been to and even a few wedding's I've attended. Jaq combines the perfect mix of songs for any event he performs at. When we've asked for classical/traditional, or upbeat and club style, he has delivered exactly that. Definitely hired for my wedding next fall and my Fiance' and I can't wait!
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