Joseph Krikorian

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Joseph Krikorian is an award winning Armenian & Arabic Pop Star. With 24 years of experience, he sings up to five languages and satisfies every type of audience .


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One of a Kind

We hired Joseph to be our singer at our wedding last month. I honestly don't have words for him. He is a phenomenal singer. He sang every song we request without hesitation. Stayed till the end with bride and groom. His voice is as perfect as can be. I highly recommend Joseph to friends and family. My sister hired a DJ (don't want to mention names) very very disappointing..He only played old English, Armenian and Arabic songs. Anyway, I would recommend Joseph to anyone..He truly made my wedding night special. Thank you Joseph and best of luck to you...
Posted By: | Oct 24th, 2009 | View all my reviews
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Joseph Krikorian is one of the Best!!!!

I would have to disagree with some people who don't rate Mr. Joseph Krikorian fairly. He was hired to sing at my brother's wedding on February of 2009, and he was amazing, everyone loved his professionalism and we were highly satisfied with him. He takes his time, he listens to you and what you want from him on your occasion and he exceeds your expectations and NEVER rushes to get out of the party. He was at our party until the time before the bride and groom left, he is so charming and friendly that we talked about his beautiful daughter and wife ;) He always sound awesome, he does what he is hired to do and more to satisfy his party guests. He is so worth the $$$$$ you pay him and more. And most of all for a wedding he is a great singer to be hired for instead of a DJ. The DJ would not be as good as a live singer like Joseph out at a wedding. When you do a wedding you should take into consideration that you are getting married once and never think of saving $$$$ on a great singer like Joseph who will turn your special day to a wonderful night that you won't forget for the rest of your life. He is always full of energy, his voice is beautiful, his music is very energetic, and most of all he is very talented!! He sings in a wide variety of languages like Armenian, Arabic, English, Greek and Persian, he even plays his wonderful musical instrument!! No matter what others might rate Joseph I would give him a 10 Star because he is a wonder Star, I have personally loved all his music, may he always be successful!!!! I would most definitely recommend him to everyone I know who is up for a great time at their party!!!! Love you Joseph and and wish you best of luck in the future, may you always be on the Rise to Shine ;)
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The Best Singer Ever!!!!

We hired Joseph Krikorian for our wedding and he exceeded our expectations! From the beginning he was very professional, he listened to everything we had to say and guaranteed that everything would be to our liking. During our wedding reception his performance was unimaginably awesome!! He was full of energy; his voice was beautiful; and his music was very energetic!! He sang a wide variety of languages including: Armenian, Arabic, Persian, Greek, and English. His performance also includes singing Greek while playing the Bouzouki!! He is good in slow and fast songs. In our package deal he included a very good D.J. Both him and the D.J. mixed very well! So our reception was just happening. He was worth every penny...big time!! For those who have a budget he also does one-hour shows...he performed at my cousin's baptism for an hour...he was the highlight of the night!! I would recommend him to anyone.
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I have heard Joseph at concerts & other events he "was" one of my favorite Armenian sings out there. He was hired to sing at my wedding and didnt do such a great job as we expected. I was getting bad reviews from my guests as well. It sounded as if he was rushing to get out of there and had other plans for the night and to top it off he didnt sing for the entire time he was paid to sing. His voice didnt sound like it normally does we were really disapointed and suprised. Sorry but it wasnt worth all the $$$ spent. Skip the singer and settle for a DJ instead! You will save lots of $ and know what you are getting for your $$$.
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