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DJ Live (Live Production) is one of the most unique and professional International DJs in town, with an extensive experience of over 12 years in the music industry.

Providing music for all types of occasions including House Parties, Birthdays, Christenings, Engagements, and Weddings, to keep you and all your guests dancing all night. Providing Service to Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties.

Always having the latest technology available to bring you the best sound and lighting, to make your evening one you’ll always remember. We specialize in Weddings, and can custom plan your event to your desire. (Ask us about our different wedding packages, and don’t forget to ask for our bridal package special: When you book your wedding with us, we will give you a special discount on your bridal shower).

Our vast selection of music ranges from Armenian to Persian and Arabic, and Pop, Hip-Hop and Disco, and everything in-between. We treat your event as if it was ours and will pull all of our efforts to make sure you and your guests have the best time possible.

@ Live Production we look forward to creating an unforgettable event for you and your loved ones!


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DJ Live (Avo) is an absolute gentleman, professional, and completely dedicated to his craft. When my wife and I met him for the first time, we felt like family and I knew instantly that we had found our wedding DJ. He was very kind hearted and even though I kept needing to move out our meetings and phone calls around, he was always understanding and willing to work around our schedule. Besides having a great mix of music to appeal to all of our guests, he even thought of the finer details that you don't even think to think about! I spent a lot of time looking around to find a DJ who made sure to have the focus be on our wedding rather than using our wedding as their own personal marketing event. Avo surpassed all of my expectations from beginning to end and I could not have asked for a better DJ for our wedding. He has a great sense of reading the crowd and instinctively knew when to slow things down or speed things up as needed to keep the party dancing all night! Everyone had a wonderful time, including us!! Highly recommend!
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Absolutely THE best DJ you could ask for!

During our wedding planning, we attended a wedding where Avo DJ'd the event. After seeing how great he was at keeping the crowd going, this was probably one of the easiest decision we made for our wedding. He's absolutely incredible--talented, great communication, listens to you, gives you feedback and constantly ensures you that this is your wedding, your way. We had some requests when it came to music and he didn't flinch for a second, he was very open to the requests we had and wholeheartedly was excited for us. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for anything better! We sat through the reception schedule with him, even requested some music dubbed over a slide show....I mean you name it, his response was always "yes!" and "sure!" and "whatever you guys want, sounds great!" I knew that the music would either make or break the wedding, so like most people I was nervous. I don't know how else to describe his work, besides flawless. He has such an easy going personality, such a pleasure to work with and really makes that day about you....not his other weddings, or weddings he's done in the past, or how he's done it in the past. I would, and am actively, recommending DJ Live for ALL events, weddings and more. You'll be in great hands and he will make your wedding a night to never forget. Thank you for everything, Avo! And thanks for playing Opus for us, it blew up the crowd!
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Best DJ Ever!

I have seen DJ Live's work at different events and was super excited to have hired him for my engagement party. He was amazing and the most kind person I have ever met. I am very picky with DJs and expect them to have up-to-date music. He far exceeded my expectations and I am happy to have him for our wedding as well. I cannot imagine having another DJ. Avo, thank you for all your work and I am excited to work with you again.
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The best!

Avo is one of the best DJs I have ever seen. He knows his job very well, he follows your need and brings a great vibe to your event. We had him for our wedding on July 30th 2016. We were so pleased so were our guests. Thanks Avo for making our wedding so special and unforgettable!
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Amazing communication and superb delivery

My husband and I were looking for a DJ to fill in the Armenian and contemporary dance music and accompany the Jazz band we had hired for our wedding. DJ Avo was so easy to work with - he was so responsive to all of our inquiries and made sure to arrive way ahead of time to the venue (Hummingbird Nest Ranch) to make sure the sound and music equipment worked properly. He then delivered an unforgettable evening of dance music for us - our guests were still on the dance floor at 2am while the crew was clearing the tables and chairs. We'd hire him again in a heart beat. Thanks Avo!
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True Professional

Hiring DJ Avo for our wedding was one of the best decisions we made! He played a fantastic mix of Armenian, Iranian, and American music, and kept our guests on the dance floor all night. Several guests approached us at the reception and exclaimed, "Your DJ is AWESOME!" We have to agree. He is organized, attentive, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend DJ Avo to all of my friends and family.
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Great Decision

We hired DJ Avo for my bridal shower and we were very happy with our decision! He is very professional, accommodating, and delivered everything we asked for and more. We definitely recommend him for all events!
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Awesome DJ and great person with a strong work eth

It was a pleasure working with Dj Live (Avo) , he has an excellent work ethic and very easy working with him. I have coordinated two dinner dance party events within last two years (Iranahye youth dinner dance party and Jan Tavriz youth dinner, dance party) and we had Avo (DJ Live) as our DJ for both events and he did an awesome and amazing job. The crowd instantly clicked with him. The vibe was just amazing. We received several compliments from our guests. I believe one of the most important DJ skill is reading a crowd and Avo is extremely good at reading crowds and he knows what to play. In addition, he is a very good listener. Also, he always communicates with you during the events/ceremonies to make sure everything is going well and nothing is missed. I highly recommend his services to every one. Choosing him for my events was the best decisions I made. Thank you DJ Live for your awesome work!
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Thank you for your hard work!!

Avo is amazing at what he does. Had him for our engagement and also our wedding. We as well as our guests were so satisfied with his skills. He definitely knows how to get the party started and really listens to your preferences and that is what is important. Thank you Avo jan!!!!
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The Best DJ !!!

Avo is the Best DJ in town! He knows his job well and knows his clients. He turned our Boys Baptism into an unforgettable night. He made everyone happy, from grandparents to the little kids and all our guests. We've had every single person complementing of how great the music was and how much they loved dancing that night. Avo customizes the party to your preference. We have been to many parties where he was the DJ and the playlist is never copy-pasted. Every single party is different, even if you don't tell him your favorites, he knows his clients well and knows what to play to keep the dance floor full till the end. He even played every single soundtrack music and song our 4-year old requested LOL. He made him so happy that night, that our son kept talking about him constantly after the party. He is kids-friendly, classy and knows his music well. Look no further, he is the Best DJ!
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Thank you Avo!

Avo is such a professional and absolutely made our night perfect. We have had so many guests tell us how much they enjoyed the music. Avo did a great job of playing a diverse music set and kept the dance floor full the entire night. We will absolutely use Avo again for our future events and we highly recommend him. Thanks again Avo!
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Great DJ and Great Guy who did a wonderful Job in

DJ Live (Avo) is a great DJ. He is a gentlemen and did a great job providing excellent Armenian and Persian and other music from the area and including new and old songs and mixes. He was attentive, listened to our requests and professional. His prices are very fair for the great value he gives. We could highly recommend him and his team.
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Great DJ

We hired DJ Live for my Kosgap this past April 2015 -and he did an amazing job capturing the vibe of the crowed and having the right selection of music. At one point almost everyone at the party was on their feet dancing. Avo was a great DJ, he listened to exactly what I had requested and wanted. He was very professional and nice, glad we booked him as our DJ. He had a wide verity of music which was important for me. The night would not have been as fun and lively without him. Thank you DJ Live!
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Professionally done

We planned our wedding from the east coast and only had a few opportunities to fly out to LA to organize it. The wedding was in August of 2014. The event was a blast. Without DJ Live it would not have been possible. Guests were on their feet dancing the entire time to a point that he had to turn off the music at 2AM due to city regulation or else the party would've gone on. As I mentioned, the handful of opportunities that we had to get back to LA, he made time for us, came out and helped us organize the event. We do not regret, even a bit, for choosing DJ Live. If we were to do other events in the future, he will be our first and top choice, again. We had also seen his work previously in our friends' gatherings, being birthdays, engagement, or just plain house parties and we can tell you that he is capable of handling them all. We highly recommend DJ Live to anyone out there planning an event.
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Great DJ!

I had planned my engagement for Sunday June 1 and had a dj booked. After having a few issues between my him and the venue regarding acquiring liability insurance, I decided to make the venue at ease I would have to find a new dj. On Wednesday before the event I called DJ Live and luckily he had a cancellation for that Sunday! I asked him for his liability insurance paperwork and the contract and within 10 minutes it was sent to my inbox. I sent the scanned liability insurance form to the venue he arrived early at the event to make sure he was familiar with the setting and could prepare his area the way we needed. The whole night went without a glitch. He listened to all my requests for how much of each genre of music to play throughout the night and even took requests. He was amazing and professional. I didn't have to worry about a thing the entire night! If you need a great no hassle dj who will get right to the point and won\\'t charge you an arm and a leg.... Hire DJ Live!!!
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Great Night!!

We planned our wedding from Sydney, Australia to be held in January 2014 in LA. We needed someone we could trust and be willing to work with us as we planned our wedding from overseas. DJ Live was professional and understanding of our difficulty of organizing a wedding from Sydney. He kept us informed right up to the last minute, and then took over a leading role of ensuring the wedding reception went according to plan. Highly recommend him for your wedding or next event. Thanks again Avo for a great night.
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You are truly an expert in what you do. Used Dj Live for our wedding and he kept people dancing the whole night. NO boring moment went by and everything was exciting and full of entertainment. His ability to play what you want exactly when you want without saying anything is remarkable. I wish you the best and I thank you for making my night as special as can be!
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Professional, Well-Mannerd, Awesome DJ!!

Avo jan, thank you for everything!!! Quite simply, you and Gary were AWESOME & this comes from a fellow DJ. Avo DJed my sister-in-law's wedding on 9/1/2013 at Anoush/Glenoaks venue & he was amazing, starting with planning phase. He went above & beyond of what was expected of him. We had couple of last minute "surprise" singers who had some equipment requests & I gave them Avo's number & he took care of everything without any hitch. Guests literally danced from introduction until the bouquet toss & I got so much positive feedback, which is what matters in this business. I had recommended Avo & thank you for making me look good!!! Thank you Avo!! I will continue to refer you.
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5 Star

This is a Dj that is willing to go out of his way to make it memorable for you. I had a very difficult crowd during my engagement but he was able to make it happen. All of our requested songs were played on our special day. The whole entire night the dance floor was filled and he really made it very memorable and very easy to do business with. Out of all of my venders DJ LIVE was the only one that followed up with us multiple times before and after our event. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.
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So basically DJ Live Rocked the house on June 28,2013 at our engagement party!!!! He knew exactly how to keep the party going! I only asked him to play a few of songs - 9 to be exact and he went above and beyond to play songs that would make us dance our feet off! I have never seen such a amazing DJ who is not only one of a kind but best in town! Thank u so much for making our night one of a kind we danced so much that even today my legs feel sore but now I can't wait to party for our wedding! 01.10.2015 we ready to dance till we can't dance no more!! Highly recommending DJ Live for all parties his kind and fantastic and amazing!!!! He knows how to make the crowd feel welcomed and dance till they can't dance no more!!!!! Wooohoooo DJ live you're number 1 DJ for us!
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Awesome DJ

Choosing Dj Live was one of the best decisions we made for our event. Working with him was a pleasant experience. We have dealt with lots of Djs in past, but Dj Live's attitude was great. He is very pleasant and professional individual to work with. Music for us was very important. DJ Live provided excellent service. He was very accommodating and he played all our requests. His music selection was awesome.
He is by far one of the best DJs I have worked with. He kept us dancing till very end, and people had nothing but great things to say about him and his professionalism.
Thank you DJ Live for making our event an unforgettable one.
by Mel
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Best DJ In Town

Let me start with this quote from DJ Live's statement: "We treat your event as if it was ours..." This is EXACTLY how it is. There are plenty of DJs out there but what sets him apart from the competition is the above statement. He truly take your event as his and he will do anything in his power to make it a special one. I had the privilege of having him as my engagement's DJ and my guests had the absolute best and fun time. I'm looking forward to the wedding on April 13th and I'm positive he will create a memorable one for me and my guests. Thank you and wish you much more success in doing what you do best.
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The best DJ I have seen

He is # 1 DJ , with best songs and music he is wonderful he did AWESOME job in our engagement on Sep. 02.2012. If you have any event coming up dont wait call him with very reasonable prices.You are the Best Avo thank you for everything..... Karin & Alen
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Truly outstanding Experience

Working with DJ live was a really great experience for us. We pretty much chose all our vendors based on reviews and the vibe we got from meeting them in person. The reviews as you can see are stellar, but for us it was our meeting with DJ live that really sealed the deal. He is such a nice guy. He listened to all our requirements, was very patient, very organized and most of all was very accommodating. Our wedding was large mix of Armenians and non-Armenians and we wanted to make sure that everyone had a great time. Avo totally made that happen by playing music which appealed to everyone.
His prices are very fair. I highly recommend pairing him up with his percussionist (who was also amazing). At the end of the day I highly recommend DJ LIVE for anyone who is looking for a great DJ.
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He is the best

Dj live for sure is one of the best DJ's I have ever seen to me he is the best. He has played for all our events and he did a great job in terms of entertaining people and playing all new hit songs Armenian Farsi English or any other language. He is so easy to work with, he wants to make sure all your special requests are played and short of the long story if you go with him you will have a great party full of fun... Avo jan tnx again and cant wait to c u in our big day :))
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