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Terrible customer service

I don't write reviews but the service and treatment I received made me want to write this review in hopes other people don't get screwed. First off, they promise you the world and the best "preferred" pricing on everything. I originally went for custom dance floor and they convinced that they can provide me with the best possible rates out there for rental services and flooring. In the beginning Maria is nice and promises they will go above and beyond to make my event a great experience with nothing to worry about. Fast forward to once they get my deposit everything changes. It went from responsive to not picking up phone calls and the rare occasion that they do they said they will get back to you but they never do. After weeks past by I get an email from Maria saying she does not want to waste her time to deal with my rentals. If you can't deliver on what you promise why even offer that service if you are not a rental company? Maria's main goal is to sell you on being a planning and design when we clearly said from the beginning that was not a service we need. After we repeatedly tell her we do not want the service she no longer wants to "waste" her time if I am not hiring her for planning. I never knew asking simple questions when I'm spending a lot of money is inconvenient for them. Mind you there is still a year left until my event. I would understand if I am cancelling few months left to my wedding. After the bad service and them telling me it's best to go somewhere else but not telling me they are going to keep my deposit if I do. So I went somewhere else and got better pricing they told me that there is no way of getting my deposit back. In fact I get forwarded email between Vartan and Maria insulting me. That's what they consider good customer service??? Good one! Overall the worst experience I had with my wedding planning. At least if you are going to take my money donate it to charity. There are plenty of reputable companies who will get you better pricing and service. I learned my lesson going to them first.
Posted By: | Mar 15th, 2017 | View all my reviews
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