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Flowers by Alice provides beautiful floral arrangements for every occasion including weddings and anniversaries. Whether you're looking for a simple bouquet or an intricate centerpiece Flowers by Alice can help you with all your floral needs.


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Flowers are amazing and very reasonably priced!

If all of my vendors performed at Alice's level my wedding would have been flawless. My new husband and I agree that Alice was the best vendor we had. She came with no recommendation-we literally stumbled upon her at the Los Angeles Flower Mart in downtown LA. She has a shop there that sells vases we liked and we got to talking and she said she did weddings. We liked her right away-and decided to take a chance.

During our conversation she was multi-tasking by meeting with us and making bouquets at the same time. She was like a machine. The bouquet looked stunning and she literally whipped it up in no time- like she had been doing it her whole life.

Her prices were very reasonable and fair. We had a big wedding with 20 people in our wedding party (10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen) plus a flower girl. We had 250 guests which required 25 centerpieces. It was a lot of flowers, and the more flowers means more money, but Alice broke down the price of everything arrangement by arrangement and everything seemed exceptionally fair.

I chose the least expensive bouquets for my bridesmaids since I was having so many and would have to multiply the price by 10. Alice warned me the bouquets were going to be really small-so I was prepared, but when she arrived in the dressing room on my wedding day and started passing out the bouquets to each bridesmaid my jaw literally dropped! They were way bigger than I expected. They were not small at all. In fact, I wouldn't have wanted them any larger. I couldn't have been happier. They were gorgeous! Then she handed me my bouquet and my mother literally started to cry and said it was the most beautiful bouquet she had ever seen. It was stunning! Huge with so many beautiful flowers and crystals in it.

All the flowers throughout the wedding were equally as impressive, from the church aisle pieces, alter pieces, centerpieces, not to mention our sweetheart table was drenched in flowers. There was so many it was painful not to be able to keep them all after the wedding.

Alice is a diamond-in-the-rough among florists. My husband and I never had to hire a florist before, but if we ever need one again, there would be no question about who we'd use. She was our best wedding "discovery". I felt she treated me as if it was her own daughter's wedding. The flowers were one of the best parts and best experiences of our wedding!
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