Palladio Banquet Hall

1018 E Colorado St
Glendale, CA 91205
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Palladio Banquet Hall is one of the most popular halls located in Glendale for weddings, engagements, and other special events.

Created to achieve an unmistakably lush foliage exhilarating rich and lavish eloquence, the sense of arrival through the exquisite regal doors is befitting of its grandeur. Palladio features a 14,000 square-foot indoor space with a grand Ballroom that is a picturesque backdrop for extraordinary events, weddings, corporate and private entertainment. Our State-of-the-art facility and luxurious environment accommodates comfortable seating for 500 guests.


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Amazing service!

I booked Palladio for my wedding venue next year. While planning our engagement party that I was hosting at my house a few weeks ago, I was not happy with a few of the caterers I had consulted with. I decided to call Palladio and see if they offer catering services. Not only did they provide amazing food, they provided excellent service the whole time. Avo and his staff are attentive, patient and work with you every step of the way. They are the best! I can't wait for my wedding at Palladio next year!
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Highly Recommended!

We recently celebrated our wedding at Palladio and we are overjoyed with our choice of venue. The venue is not only beautiful but is also very professionally owned and operated. To the owner, the manager, the staff, thank you thank you thank you!
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Listen up people

This comment is for Lia. You went to a banquet hall and of course they are going to charge you for the bar and the lighting. Nothing is free in America hun. You are dealing with a 5 star restaurant of course things are going to be expensive.

As for everyone else, I was a part of a wedding that was held at Palladio. It was just spectacular. The waiters were great, the owner occasionally came out to check that everything was ok. Just the overall appearance of the place was fantastic. This is the one restaurant you want your party to be at.
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Hands Down To The Best!!!!

After reading all the comments I have to say I disagree with Lia's comment below because it's simply unbelievable that they lie. Maybe simply the truth was that it was over her budget . When we buy a car and add extras it ends up costing more does that make the dealer deceiving ? And I can say first hand we spend our money and it was way more worth and more than we could have asked for we got everything explained with no hidden costs and every venue does have security which is mandatory and for your own safety if they don't then i would be very worried having an event there.
Hands down the best of the best. My brother got married at Palladio. And I have booked my child's baptism. All this years we have had events and been guest to most of all the venues, but once you have been at Palladio you will see a world of a difference. First we wanted to do a Hotel wedding and we checked out all the venues that will fit our massive guest list of 470. This was the only place that provided us with exceptional customer service .They are very organized and help full with everything. The venue speaks for itself feels very grand the chandeliers and the lights are just stunning.
The hotels can't event come close to providing all the services the amount and way of catering we got here without the $300 price tag. My brothers wedding turned out to be one of the best and most beautiful i have seen.
Thank you all at Palladio for making it possible.
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Luxury & Class *****

I was fortunate enough to book a day for my wedding at Palladio. After checking out all the venues when I walked into Palladio I was blown away. If you are like me looking for a venue that is the top of the line in every way this is the place .
My wedding was 3 moths ago at Palladio. I can't say enough how amazing it was. The venue is the epidemy of Luxury & Class.
The catering and service was beyond amazing.We got the most professional service from the first day we walked in until our wedding day. All of our guests were amazed and we are still getting compliments about our wedding. Thank you all at Palladio. Angela
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Very Deceiving!!

I called Palladio and asked them for a price/person before going because I didn't want to waste my time if it wasn't going to be in our price range. They told me that it's $55/person. I thought that was reasonable; so my husband and I went to talk to them to reserve the place.

What a baited trap. They lie to you and when they start telling you about the package the price keeps going up and up. They charge extra for lights, mandatory security, VERY high open bar charge that doesn't have good customer service, and I don't know what because they lost me after the price reached $75/person.

In other words, only book this place if your budget is in the $70-$95 price range. In this economy I don't think it's worth paying that much especially when you don't get your monies worth.

In that price range I'd rather go to Taglyan which is still overpriced, but at least you get your monies worth.
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My husband and I were married on May 16, 2010. My experience with the owner and his right hand men were amazing. Every phone call to the owner received a response right away. They worked with me on numerous things such as price and menu. They assisted me until the very morning of my wedding with everything needed. My husband and I had one person assigned to us throughout the wedding reception. The owner knows his business very well. He is on top of his game. He was there the night of the wedding until the very last minute. He said the last person we saw before we left was him and he kept his word. The hall is elegant and the service is impeccable. The food is delicious. All of our guests loved the hall and the food. I am Armenian and my husband is Sicilian. Both sides of the families were super impressed with this hall. The tables were set up beautifully with the exact colors and the dishes are new and elegant. We are still getting calls from guests saying how beautiful the wedding turned out. I would refer everyone to Palladio. Their customer service is superb. We were both so happy with our choice. And they were kind enough to send home the remaining cake for us to pass it out to friends and family. Thank you Palladio you made our evening unforgettable! Lara and Giovanni
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Creme De La Creme ***** The Very Best

I got married to my sweetheart at Palladio.
My wedding at Palladio was perfection from start-end.
The team at Palladio is the most amazing to work with very helpful and very professional in every matter. It is very rare to find that kind of service this days. I was very lucky. Afterall it's a big day so it is important. The food was amazing and very tasteful. And the venue the most stunning the high ceilings and glamorous chandeliers make you fell like youre in an french ballroom and with all the special lighting and shows the beauty of this place was even more stunning. Made all of our guests just dance the night away.

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Luxury + perfection = dream wedding

My dream winter wonderland wedding was in Dec of 2009 at Palladio.
We live in Orange County CA, after we saw the pictures online we decided to scout the venue. We walked in and it was all set up for a wedding .

Gosh the venue is even more stunning then the pictures. I knew this was the place for my wedding and sure it was. The drive from OC was all worth it. My wedding at Palladio was more than I could wish for. The venue has such luxury feel to it. The lighting and the special effects are magical. The catering and service was amazing too. The crew at Palladio is the best. My brothers wedding will be at Palladio 2011 and we can't wait to celebrate again at Palladio. Our fam & friends were so amazed we are still getting compliments about how perfect our wedding was.
Thank you Palladio and crew
lots of love from the OC........

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Wedding 11-1-2009

The Best venue in town and Best Value!!! From beginning selecting hall to selection of linens... to the last minute details after my WEDDING (Biggest Event of My Life) was impeccable service by management. Every detail is covered and done in First Class. The night of my wedding I kept on getting compliments on the first class table service of Food and Servers, to the great light show, to the elegant marble entry way, to the decor of the hall which includes high ceilings with grand chandeliers.... I was impressed and best of all my friends and families commented on the great selection of a First Class Hall which made everyone feel like you were in Beverly Hills Hotel banquet hall. Thank you to Ara and his management team!
Celine & William
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One of a Kind! Not!

-I had a similar experience as the gentleman bellow how felt it was not all that. I think that he was more in tuned to the details also. It is definitely a beautiful place and I would recommend everyone to visit the place and find out for themselves. The food is good and service is terrific but not one of a kind I have had better BBQ.
-On a side note we all know that it's the law and they have to stop at 2am. But trust me that is not what they told to me as well, if you are going to spend tens of thousands you want to party all night.
-In response to Clara who took so much offense in the below comment opinion. First, why are you so upset? That was his experience and his opinion. You act like it was a personal attack! I don't think he is out to make the place look bad. Unless if you happened to know the owner personally? Hum...
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An amazing night which will never be replaced!!

My wedding night was the best night of my life. All my guests where speechless on how wonderful everything turned out to be at the amazing PALLADIO. I was very happy that I chose Palladio for my wedding venue. The food was amazing, the service was phenomanal. The managers and the staff where very attentive to all of our needs. They went above and beyond there limits to make my wedding an unforgettable night. The place was very professional and the owner the the nicest man you can ever meet. I want to thank everybody at Palladio for making my dream come true. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK AND THANK YOU.
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One of a Kind!

I had my wedding at Palladio. I don't have enough space to write how spectacular this place is.
Unique in every way. You have it all at Palladio. This is the place for every special event.
Thanks to Palladio & stuff for making our wedding unforgettable.

After reading the review below from July 21st. I had to write a comment!! It makes me upset that one guy writes something and trys to give the only venue that is incomparable in any shape or form a bad name and wrong info to others. I had the exact same services at my wedding and it surprises me that he writes the bar service is a ripp off.

1: Bar service doesn't mean open bar! You actually have to pay extra for open bar!
2: Every place is closed at 2am that serves alcohol & has ent. It is the law.
3: The names on the screens are actually very neat and save you a lots of time & look good and it's separate bride & groom unless preferred otherwise. You also have the option to do it the traditional way. And we had no problems.
4: The stuff & managers are the most organized I have seen at a venue. They are with you from the first moment & provide great service.
5: I am wondering if this guy was listening at all? Before you book the place you get every detail explained (menu, package, price..) also until few days before your wedding when you finalize every detail and preference with the managers & stuff.

To end my review: I highly recommend Palladio to everybody.
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Out Of This World****

First of we want to thank Palladio & stuff for making our fairy tale wedding come true. The venue is a true reflection of class elegance luxury and glamour. Everything you could wish for at your wedding. All of our guests were stunned including ourselves. The lighting and lasers at Palladio made our wedding very special. The food was excellent. Stuff & managers are awesome. Very professional and provide great service from day one.
I recommend Palladio to every couple planning a wedding.

From the moment you walk in you can see and feel how extraordinary Palladio is. See it yourself.
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Thank you all!

I had my wedding in this banquet hall on June 21, 2009 and can proudly say that Palladio is the best. The food is delicious, the hall is very elegant and with taste, laser show is amazing, the stuff is professional and well trained, the management is great and the owner is the kindest person I have ever met. They did everything possible to make all our wishes come true. I just want to thank everybody for making my dream come true. With your support and care we had a magnificent wedding.
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Beautiful Hall

The wedding I had was great we had a great time and our guests were very pleased. However, some of the services fell short of my expectations.

-Beautiful place
-Food is excellent
-Well designed hall
-Can smoke and the air will remain fresh; good vents

-What they don't tell you is that there is a city ordinance that they have to turn off the music at 2am. Be careful and clear this up if you want to party all night. This cut my wedding short! We were told that the police are telling the restaurant to turn the music off.
- The TV screens with the names on the walls suck, NO GOOD. It changes names too fast and were not divided by the grooms and brides side. Due to that people had to wait literally 5min staring at the screen to see their names come from a list of 30 tables and when they did it changed so fast that they miss the table number so they had to stand and wait another 5 min until the name came up again to catch the table number. For Armenians that don't have patience this was bad and also confusing for the elderly that are not good with tech. This needs to be redesigned to be more user friendly.
-Too many management people to go through if you want something done!
-And the bar service is a rip-off. They call it bar service on the menu but it is NOT a bar service. It is the waiting service in the hallway when guests are arriving and waiting to be seated. That was not what they told us when we got it. We were told that it will be an open bar with a bartender. I expected a higher class of service!
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This Place Is Exquizit...Meaning the craziest banquet hall out there...Best Place For a Wedding, Concert, Promotion Parties, Dinner Dances(where do I stop?)...It Is a real mood setting scene for any individual...If you want you eat, if go visit the bar or after that delicious Martini Go hit the dance floor where the light show just puts you into clubbing mood like no if you want to book a Saturday here in the next two years good you're better off just trying to get an invite of some sort :)...oh and think again when your Armenian fight mood kicks in cuz if the managers make any sort of eye contact with the 6 feet tall 300 pound bouncers, you're outta there buddy...
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Breathe taking hall!

This place was soooo beautiful since it is so new. The chandeliers were sparkling so bright! It is a pretty big hall & can fit from 300-500 guests comfortably. They even have a laser/light show. It is all a bit on the pricey side though. But if you got the money, go for it. That's the only reason I didn't go there, their price. But the place was breathe taking, the owner was very friendly, & I'm sure the food would be good. O=)
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