Reviews written by AniSimon

Sylvart Floral Designs

Very Nice Vendor! I'm very happy!

No words to say how great they are! I could say that I was very happy with my flowers for my engagement! It was awesome, Now I don't have to look around for a florist for my wedding! They did such a great job with everything everyone asked me at my party who did the flowers. I also asked for a special piece for the entrance of my hall and she did this very huge arrangement with branches and orchids and it was amazing with crystals hanging! I totally think she's worth everything! And I'm not surprised with the comments that everyone wrote about her! I thank for having this website and having her listed here! I'm glad I picked her! Oh by the way I picked her by reading her reviews and when I met her she was so helpful and took her time into everything! Very nice vendor!!!
Jul 11th, 2009