Reviews written by Anita Minaei

Bellaj Banquet Hall

Fantastic Ambiance

Less than two weeks ago my husband and I had our sons Christening party at Bellaj. We had approx 130 guest and had looked many halls and we were not able to find one as beautiful looking as this one for the number of guests that we had. More importantly, we were not able to get one that we liked the selected of food; just about everywhere we went they had the same kinds of appetizers and entrees. My husband and I fell in love with the place and reserved the place. After reserving the place, we were told several bad stories about Bellaj, their service and food and we were left wondering how things would turn out. We were assured that the service would be the best as well as the food. Having said that, we on the day of the event, we were so surprised with everything. It not only met our expectation, it exceeded our expectation in every way. The hall looked fantastic, the appetizers were great as well as their meals. There was so much great food that the guests had no place left on the tables to put their meals. As for the service, that was another great story. Their servers were true professionals, great attitude and took care of our guest in ever way possible and let me add WITH A SMILE; which is not what you get at most other places. All the servers were great and their manager (Hamlet) was fantastic and very accommodating. I met with him twice to go over our plan and changed our plan on him several times with no issues; he was great. I loved this place and would do it all over again. After reading reviews below, I realized that the bad reviews that I had received from family and friends may had something to do with the last owners or they have had a major attitude and service change as they were fabulous for us. Thanks to Bellaj's management and employees for making the night one that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Loved the AMBIANCE, LOVE The SERVICE and LOVED THE FOOD. :-)
Sep 18th, 2010
DJ Live (Avo) did a fantastic job at our Sons Christening on Sep 4, 2010. I must admit that I didn't chose him because of recommendations from anyone, but more so because of reading his reviews as well as getting to know him through his web site and having discussions with him; mostly it was based on faith though. That being said, I am glad we chose him as he did a great job getting our entire crowd on their feet and dancing. He played the right songs, he had chosen a great special song for our First Dance with our son; that was an amazing moment that we will never forget. In addition to doing a great job, we really liked him because he was super nice and very approachable and accommodating for our guests as well. My husband and I had danced so much that we couldn't walk the entire next day. YOU ARE AWSOME and I would recommend you 100%.
Sep 18th, 2010