Reviews written by Hamlet_Sareen

DJ Sevag

Highly Recommended!

My wife and I had our wedding at Royal Palace on May 20th of this year. The best decision we made regarding our wedding was going with DJ Sevag. He impressed me from the moment I saw him weeks before the wedding. He was organized, professional, and really did go above and beyond. He told us exactly what to expect: - What order we should do things and why. - About what time the wedding will actually start and estimated time it will end. - He was prepared with a short questionnaire for us to help with song selection. - Had a list of song ideas to help us since we struggled with it. The day of the wedding, DJ Sevag was able to impress me again before the wedding even started. He checked up on us numerous times while we were waiting for our guests with updates and estimates of how much longer we would wait. He made sure the waiters brought us food and drinks to eat while we waited knowing once the party started, we wouldn't eat much. Once the wedding started, the dance floor was completely packed with dancers the entire time. His music selection was so good, it made it very difficult for me and I would imagine many others, to want to take a break from dancing. I not only received multiple compliments about DJ Sevag but I’ve already recommended him to a friend. There is a reason why DJ Sevag has so many people saying such amazing things about him and he really is every bit as good as everyone says he is and more. Thank you DJ Sevag for making our day that much more magical.
Jun 6th, 2018