Reviews written by Manifa

Roobina's Cake

My cake took my breath away!

Roobina is AMAZING!!!! When it comes to the design of a cake to the flavor, it's all perfection! I will say that I am not much of a cake person so when it came down to finding someone to make my cake for my shower and wedding I was looking for someone who could bring my vision to life. I wasn't too interested in flavor and things like that. My appointment with Roobina started off on a great note. We started talking about what I was looking for and how I imaged my cake to be. I showed her some pictures and explained everything while she drew it all out. We then got to taste some cakes and I was BLOWN AWAY with how perfect the texture to her cake was. I prefer very sweet frosting and Roobina totally accommodated for that as well. When my shower rolled around, I was very very nervous about what the cake would look like. I had a very intricate and difficult design idea and my cake was the centerpiece of my whole table. If this didn't come out how I imagined it would have completely ruined everything! On the day of my shower, as I was running around setting things up before my guests arrived, I turned around to see Roobina's husband walking in WITH THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CAKE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!! Roobina NAILED it. It was exactly what I had envisioned, if anything, it was BETTER!!!! I actually screamed from excitement after seeing the cake. It was the showpiece of my shower decor. Everyone wanted to take a picture of it or with it! The fun thing was that it was completely fake and I was able to keep the whole thing!!! I plan on using this cake for every single birthday for the rest of my life honestly. IT'S THAT PRETTY! I had a chance to take one bite out of the sliced cake that I had ordered as well and it was just as good as the samples I had tasted at my appointment. I cannot wait to see what Roobina does for my wedding cake!
Apr 12th, 2019

DJ Sevag

Only the BEST in the Industry!

If you want THE BEST DJ in the industry stop your search now because you found him. Sevag is the best DJ I have ever worked with or experienced in my entire life. My fiance and I are MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR picky with music. If you can get us to say WOW that was amazing then you are simply the best. We have been going to a lot of weddings and events these past two years and every event we say the music could have been better. When it came down to finding our DJ for our wedding we took everything very very seriously. After talking to Sevag we KNEW he was the perfect man for the job. He understood exactly what we were looking for and he was so professional yet very personable and friendly. We had never heard him play, but we felt confident he would be the best. When my bridal shower came along I decided to stick with Sevag and almost have like a trial run for the wedding at that event. I will say with confidence that Sevag is the reason my guests and I had so much fun on my shower. EVERYONE and I truly mean EVERYONE was talking about my event and the DJ for weeks afterward. Sevag BLEW ME AWAY. Honestly, I'm not just saying this because it was my own event! He truly is amazing. He knows how to read the crowd and see what type of music they want and what they don't really enjoy. All 115 of my guests were on the dance floor. There wasn't a single person who didn't dance! Choose Sevag with confidence. I promise you WILL NOT find a better DJ in this industry. It is impossible!
Apr 12th, 2019