Reviews written by Maritif

Kris Kan


When I was first planning the wedding the most important thing for me was the photography because in the end all you have left is your photos to remind you of all the great moments and I was so in doubt with all the other photographers then one Sunday afternoon someone told be about a wedding Kris did and I jumped on the computer to check out his blog and that was it I fell in husband and I went to our meeting with Kris and I told him what I liked and didn't and he was so creative and gave me so many options such as Viva LAS VEGAS! It was a amazing experience to have such a committed photographer to come along such a long distance for us...I was worried my husband was gonna be shy and not participating but Kris made not just him but both of us so comfortable and excited about the whole trip...after that we were so happy that we picked him....the wedding pics I'm not gonna even get into detail because there priceless I couldn't have been any happier and I will let you guys be the judge of dad is his biggest fan!
Dec 25th, 2009