Reviews written by airarno23

Red Point Studio

Pure Talent !!!

I got married over a year ago but it still feels like it was only this past weekend because everytime I open up my photo album, I relive the whole thing all over again. Narek did such an amazing job and he took so many amazing pictures that we couldn't decide which ones to pick to fit in one album so we decided to have TWO albums, one containing pictures of the photo shoot that we did about a month before the wedding and the other for the actual day. I highly recommend you do the photo shoot because you get it out of the way and you'll have one less thing to worry about on the big day. Narek recommended many locations and spend a whole day with us going from place to place taking breathtaking pictures.

Narek is very creative, artistic, and professional. He actually does this because of his love and passion of photography, not for the business aspect of it. It was a privilege and honor seeing him "perform a masterpiece" for us. You'll understand what I'm talking about if you are lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with him!! Pure Talent!!!
Oct 28th, 2009

Heartbeat DJ

The best day of my life becuase of The DJ

I have to say I have never danced this much in my whole life!!! Vasken DJ-ed my wedding and from the beginning all the way to the end of the night he energized the crowd and myself to the point that people were soaking wet from sweating but were still jumping up and down the dance floor!! He has an incredible taste in music and he creates an amazing ambiance to give you the most memorable day of your life!!! Outstanding service! Outstanding music! Outstanding equipment! No wonder he is the number one DJ in the Armenian community.
Jul 8th, 2008