Reviews written by anazarian100

String Harmonies

Unique Musical Experience

I hired String Harmonies to perform at the "Mission Armenia" Event organized by the Glendale Adventist Medical Center on Sept. 26, 2015. I myself an the musical director of an 18 piece orchestra, but I chose to hire String Harmonies for this event. The band showed up early, they set up properly and were properly dressed for the occasion. The music is world class, the combination of the violin, oud, bass and percussion is very unique. The repertoire was perfect. The next day I got a text from the president & CEO of the Hospital congratulating me and thanking me for recommending this ensemble. Bravo Guys, in an age where electronic DJ music has saturated and polluted the music industry, it is very refreshing to see young talented musicians making incredible music.
Oct 2nd, 2015