Reviews written by anna1234

Sylvart Floral Designs

Very happy with my pick!

I saw Sylvia's art work at a friends wedding and was blown away with the arrangements! I just chose her to be my Florist for my event and cant wait to see what she does with my wedding! She did an amazing job with my engagement party already and they were pretty simple but still very exotic and pretty!!! I had the consultation with her for my wedding and she was so nice she worked with my budget and had a great feeling about her! I went to several other florists and didn't feel comfortable with them and their ideas that they suggested wasn't all that great! As soon as I said a specific color, style or type of flower, Sylvia automatically came with an amazing idea and drew out a sample! Also, she's very truthful and honest! She will tell you that the flower you pick will wilt or if they wont last and so on! I feel good about my pick and cant wait!!! Thank you Sylvia for my engagement arrangements, they were so darn cute!
Mar 4th, 2010