Reviews written by cnguyen

DJ Sevag

Would Definitely Recommend Again

DJ Sevag surpassed all my expectations. In the three years that I have been coordinating weddings, I have had very little experiences with DJs who kept all of the guests engaged and who truly understood the importance of the day when it came to the bride and groom. I am thrilled to say that DJ Sevag went above and beyond in not only this but in making sure that all vendors were in the loop regarding any changes in the timeline that took place during the evening. He alerted all the speakers and gave them a heads up regarding their upcoming toasts. He took the time of the sunset into consideration and collaborated with the photographers to ensure the bride and groom were able to squeeze in their sunset photos. Above all, he was both vigilant and flexible with the timeline. If changes needed to be made throughout the evening, he informed me, the coordinator, first and had me approve it. DJ Sevag arrived early to begin setting up and formally introduced himself to me. From the very beginning, I knew I could trust him to keep the night moving with the timeline I provided for him. DJ Sevag is friendly, helpful, and engaging to say the very least. Would I recommend him again? Absolutely. Not just for Armenian brides but for all brides.
Jul 1st, 2018