Reviews written by foxyndacity

I had my engagement and bridal shower here. Their service is great. They are very friendly and open to your needs as a customer. Their staff is also very friendly and willing to help you. Their food is also very delicious and pleasing. I enjoyed the layout and elegant set up of the hall.
Jan 25th, 2008
I attending a wedding here. The lay out was very strange, it seems like the seating areas (there are 4) are very separated from the dance floor. It made the guest feel like they were at a public restaurant and there was a small party going on somewhere in the distance. The distance is so great that you barely heard the music from the dance floor, let alone see the dance floor. The whole night our table joked about how they have to "get on the freeway" to go the dance floor.
The food was OK...I honestly never saw a waiter come to our table...
Jan 25th, 2008

Rainbow 5

Kept the Party Going!

Rainbow sang at my wedding. I had actually never heard them prior to my wedding, but everyone I asked buffered me to them. I was soooo happy with the way they kept the party going. Their performance was shocking how good it was. I had people that had never heard of them tell me how much they loved their performance. They really know how to keep your party jumping and not let your guests fall asleep.
We were very happy with them!
Jan 25th, 2008